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If you’re wondering what on earth “the coffeehouse tour” even is, then read on!

This May (2012) I released “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty” book. In a nutshell, it’s my personal story about body image struggles from a Christian perspective. The story is broken into “coffee dates” (aka, chapters), which open with an entry from my journal and conclude with a practical step God taught me to walk in freedom. The chapters also correspond with songs on my CD and videos on the book’s website of my friends sharing their struggles with body image, identity, and confidence.

I’ve been sharing a musical seminar on this topic for a few years, also called “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty,” and when May came around I was trying to decide what to do next. I had just graduated with my master’s degree in music therapy, finished working in higher education, released the book, and couldn’t decide where to go next. It was actually my dad’s idea to begin traveling full-time, getting the buzz going about the book, and after much prayer and advice-seeking from my mentors, I walked forward in faith that this path full of unknowns was God’s will.

So that’s what I’m doing: Traveling across the country via a “homemade tour;” staying with friends and family in each location; speaking at churches, colleges, conferences, and high schools; meeting with youth groups about using “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty” small group resources with their girls’ groups; and doing book signings in coffee houses. This fall I’m in the midwest, in the winter I’ll be on the west coast, and in spring I’ll be traveling along the south and east coasts. We shall see what happens from there!

That’s what this is all about: The Coffeehouse Tour. Stay tuned for more stories to come!

For tour dates and more information on the book, CD, and seminar, visit my website at, or by clicking here!


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