Ask Mom Blog

Please Note: These blogs are not from a professional counselor; they are from my mom. They are full of wonderful wisdom and advice but are not substitutes for seeking professional input from a doctor or counselor when needed.

Click below (on the questions) for my mom’s answers:

“How can I be confident while single, or break out of always having to have a boyfriend?”

“I’ve had an eating disorder for several years. How can I be free?”

“I’m trying to walk with God, but don’t feel Him there. What should I do?”

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The questions above are ones I’ve heard time and again after presenting my seminar. Each time I hear these questions, I wish that young woman could spend one day talking with my mom and hearing her wisdom. Of course it’s impossible for every girl I meet to actually spend one day with my mom, so this is my option that ranks close second.

Over the past few months, my mom has thoughtfully written out answers to a few questions that I am frequently asked. While my mom is not a counselor, and these questions are no substitution for seeking professional input, I hope this gives you the opportunity to grow from her wisdom just as I have.

If you have other questions you would like to “ask Mom,” you can email them to with the subject heading “Ask Mom.” While we can’t answer all of the questions, from time to time we will post a few more of the most frequently asked questions with an answer from my mom. This way I hope my mom can touch your life as well!

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