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I’m so excited you’re here! Come, curl up with a cup of coffee, and join me and my friends as we share our thoughts on life, womanhood, and God. ❤️🙌

OR, if you’re looking for something specific…

  • To talk about BOYS, dating, and singleness…click here.
  • To talk about BEAUTY, body image, and eating disorders…click here.
  • To talk about GOD, and how to grow closer to Him…click here.
  • To talk about FRIENDSHIP, and how to avoid drama and be a good friend…click here.
  • To talk about MINISTRY, and the things I’ve learned…click here.

We’ve got all this, and SO MUCH MORE here on the blog!


The Devotional Blog

Click here to read the devos! For years I’ve had this itch: Every time I meet an outstanding woman of God, I just have to ask her to go to coffee with me so I can interview her. That’s right: I think of all these questions to ask her about her life, relationships, walk with … Continue reading The Devotional Blog

Coffeehouse Tour Blog

Click here to read the blog posts from my coffeehouse tour across the country! If you’re wondering what on earth “the coffeehouse tour” even is, then read on! This May (2012) I released “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty” book. In a nutshell, it’s my personal story about body image struggles from a Christian perspective. The … Continue reading Coffeehouse Tour Blog

In the Studio Blog

Here’s what my life is like when I’m in Red Booth Studios, recording sweet (and not-so-sweet) takes of my songs and trying to survive the guys’ incessant teasing. They have a running competition to see who can make me feel the most uncomfortable. Nate’s winning, with Brian close second, Mike in third, and Greg nice … Continue reading In the Studio Blog

Ask Mom Blog

Please Note: These blogs are not from a professional counselor; they are from my mom. They are full of wonderful wisdom and advice but are not substitutes for seeking professional input from a doctor or counselor when needed. Click below (on the questions) for my mom’s answers: “How can I be confident while single, or … Continue reading Ask Mom Blog

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