What Is Contentment?

Today is the start of a week-long YouTube series all on the questions you have emailed me or commented on my YouTube videos! (I’m. So. Excited.😍) Here is today’s video — all about contentment, singleness, and relationships!

What else would you add to this conversation? I would love to hear!! (You can comment just below.😍)


Why I’m GLAD I Gained 10 Pounds

by Tiffany Dawn

Happy Tuesday Girl Talk, friends!

For too many years, I allowed numbers to dictate my self-worth — the numbers on my scale and on my jeans. The idea of gaining weight sounded like the worst thing that could happen.

And then…just recently…I gained 10 pounds.

At first it was super weird! I didn’t like it at all. But now…I’m actually GLAD I did.

So today, in this video, I share why I’m glad I gained ten pounds, along with a pep talk for swim suit season.

I hope my story can encourage you all!! Much love!! ❤️

How To Skip the Drama In High School

by Peyton

I’ve been at the same school since kindergarten!!

There have been ups and downs throughout the years, but in middle school, a major down was the drama. I remember being so sick and tired of it I really wanted to leave. I didn’t think the drama would EVER stop! But, since being in high school, the amount of drama I’ve dealt with has gotten substantially smaller. Does that mean there isn’t drama? Absolutely not!!!!

But, I have learned a few ways to avoid unnecessary drama:

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Prayer ADHD: How to Focus While Praying

by Tiffany Dawn

Let me give you a sneak peek into my prayer life: 

“Good morning, God. Thank you for this day; I’m so excited to spend it with you…which reminds me, I need to return that book to the library today. I wonder if there’s anything else I want to get while I’m there. Maybe they have some old seasons of NCIS! I’m so sad DiNozzo is gone now; it’s just not the same without him. Just like my life wouldn’t be the same without James (my hubs). He’s so sweet. I can’t believe he emptied the dish drain for me this morning. That was so kind! …Oh, wait! I was praying! Where was I? Oh yes. Thank you God for this day…”

I like to call this “Prayer ADHD.”

Have you ever experienced it? Let me tell you, it can be a REAL STRUGGLE.

So today I want to share a video of five prayer life hacks that help me focus my mind, and I hope they can help you too! And comment below: What helps you focus while praying? Because I want to hear — and try! — your ideas.

Check out the hacks in this video:

Love, Tiffany

Do you like you?

by Tiffany Dawn

Do you like you?

My husband asked me that question the other day, and I had to stop and think. Well…do I?

This is a journey I’ve been on for much of my life. I finally did like myself when I was single, but getting married added a whole new element and I’ve had to relearn old lessons. (Learn more about that here.)

This 3-minute video lets you into my own personal journey to figure out how to like the person God made me to be — so I can love other people better and better.

Please do leave your thoughts in the comment box so we can learn from each other. Hope you enjoy!

<3, Tiffany Dawn


A White Girl’s Questions About Black Lives Matter

by Tiffany Dawn

Hey friends! Welcome back for some more girl talk!

This week we’re talking about social justice, and this video is in honor of Black History Month (February).

I interviewed a couple amazing friends of mine (Imani of the Monzi Memoirz blog & Ky), asking questions about the Black Lives Matter movement – and about life in general. They explained these difficult subjects so beautifully!

In this video, I also shared a little bit of my own journey as a white girl wondering what she can do to make a difference.

It’s the longest video I’ve ever made, but it’s sooo good!! Please do stick with me to the end. I hope this video project is as helpful to you as it has been to me!

Love, Tiffany

Sex Trafficking: How WE can help end it

by Tiffany Dawn

Proverbs 31:8 has been on my heart recently:

“Speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable.”

Sometimes I get so caught up in doing “Christian things,” that I forget about the things that truly matter. I forget that God calls us to speak up for those who have no voice, and for those who are being mistreated.

This week, I want to talk about two ways we can do this:

Today: A video on sex trafficking with 7 practical things we can do about it.
Tomorrow: A video called “A White Girl’s Questions about Black Lives Matter” with 2 challenges.
Thursday: The #EndItMovement Will you join me? 

Today: Sex Trafficking

Slavery. We’ve heard about it, but it’s easy to think, “That doesn’t happen anymore,” or, “That doesn’t happen here.”

Only, it does.

  • More than 20 million people around the world are caught up in modern day slavery: human trafficking.
  • Approximately 2 million of those are children being sold for sex.
  • It’s estimated that 300,000 underage American are lured into the commercial sex trade each year.

Proverbs 31:8 says to speak up for the voiceless, and to speak out against injustice. But what can one person do to make a difference?

I’ve often felt totally helpless and powerless. That’s why I started learning more about sex trafficking, and looking for practical things that I could do to make a difference in my everyday life — right in my hometown.

Today I want to share a few stories with you — stories I’ve heard from women who have been rescued from sex trafficking right here in the U.S. — along with 7 things you can do (yes, you!) from the comfort of your home.

Check out the video above, and then join me on social media THIS THURSDAY (2/23/17) to raise awareness with the #enditmovement. Simply mark your hand with a red “X” & post a photo on social media to #enditmovement. This serves as a conversation-starter for your followers and friends.

Together, let’s speak up for the voiceless and help change our world.

More Resources:

Polaris Project: https://polarisproject.org/

Love 146: https://love146.org

A21 Campaign: http://www.a21.org

International Justice Mission: https://www.ijm.org

TraffickCam App: https://traffickcam.com

Bags of Hope & Jasmine Grace: https://jasminegrace.org/bags-of-hope/ — contact them if you’d like to host a Bags of Hope party!

Learn more about porn & sex trafficking: http://www.rescuefreedom.org/get-invo…

Learn how sex sometimes buys survival for runaways: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/27/us/…

10 Things I Wish I Knew About Boys

by Tiffany Dawn

Happy Tuesday Girl Talk!!

(Except this week it’s girl talk turned boy talk!! 😍)

I’m super, SUPER PUMPED for this new COLLAB video with the fabulous YouTubers Kelly of The Christian Girl VLOGS & Kristen of Preach, Sister!

In this video, we talk about my favorite topic ever: BOYS. Of course.

Kelly, Kristen, and I share ten things we wish we knew about guys before we ever started dating! Or at least, before Kristen and I got married. Or at least…awhile ago.

Hoping you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed making it for you! Happy V-Day a week early! ❤️

Love, Tiffany Dawn