What NOT to Do on a Date

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I’ve done some very embarrassing things around cute guys—such as being so caught up in trying to seem cool that I didn’t see a garbage can in the road…and ran it over with my car. (Yup, true story.) Or thinking, during the first hour of our first date, that I’d found the guy I was going to marry. (Only I hadn’t. I very much hadn’t.)

As the years passed, I started to learn from my mistakes. I realized there are some things you just should not do on a date—especially not on a first date! So I’ve put them all in a list here, and I’m hoping they can help you, too (or at least provide you with a few laughs).

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A New Kind of Mascara

Recently Wendy from Younique Products contacted me about a new kind of mascara they’re selling. This set has Bottle 1: Transplanting Gel, which felt similar to my typical mascara, except not as dark. Then once I put that on, I moved to Bottle 2: Natural Fibers, which really expanded my lashes, adding more fibers to them, but in a natural-looking way.

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New Outfit Discovery!

20140608_094401So the BEST kind of outfit discovery is one that’s already in your wardrobe, you’ve just never paired it together quite that way!

Well yesterday…I had that kind of lightbulb moment.

I’m. In. Love.

I think I originally got the skirt for $5 at the Niagara Outlets (forget which store) last year, and the shirt for $5 at H&M while on tour. The belt…super old, can’t even remember!  (My brother suggested getting a brightly colored belt to use instead. I’m picturing pink belt and pink shoes…but don’t have either…so for now, black belt it is.) The necklace from a garage sale a few years ago. SO LOVING IT.

I may have worn it again already today. (Don’t tell anyone.)

I’m contemplating red hair…

Today my cousin Nick was showing my intern/friend Jen some photos throughout the years…and happened upon this one of Nick…and me with red hair:


They both think the red hair is perfect and I should go back to red… This bottom picture is the first time I dyed in red, while in Australia in 2007…


I’m kind of thinking I might…maybe even this week as we’re on the road…maybe even tomorrow… 😀 😀 😀

I Think I Just Became a Divergent Fan

I Think I Just Became a Divergent Fan

Okay, so I went to see Divergent last night… Jen had been reading the books and really wanted to go, but I was like, “Seriously, I don’t want to spend money on a movie ticket.” Well apparently cheap tickets are what Portland does best! So we went.

SO. GOOD. Oh my gosh! SO. GOOD. (Did I say that already?) And can I just be a giggly girl for a second here and say that if I had a celeb crush, it would now be Theo James? (So long, Zachary Levi! …Actually, I’ll probably be back to you by next week.) I was totally just watching his interview on Good Morning America and then promptly logged onto google to stalk him… Degree in Philosophy, youngest of five siblings, former band member, and world traveler?? Now that sounds promising!

I’ll be honest though. For a hot minute I was reminiscing on the days when girlie 13 Going on 30 was the new movie, back before serious teen action flicks like Hunger Games and Divergent were super in…but then I thought, you know, I do kind of love this new trend in movies because 1) I am a huge fan of action movies, and 2) both these new series show guys and girls respecting/protecting each other by not rushing to get physical, which I just love!


I loved it: the action, the romance, the feel-like-you-can-conquer-the-world ending…and, of course, the lead guy…

Okay I’m hooked. How long til I can watch the next one????

Tea Lover

mug of teaFor 26 years I adamantly refused to drink tea.

“That’s disgusting.” “Just hot flavored water — so gross!”

And now…this year…I have become obsessed.

I realized that you can put milk and honey in tea (a lot of each) and it tastes amazing! So instead of coffee, I started drinking a morning tea. Then an afternoon tea. And an evening tea.

There’s nothing quite like tea on a painfully cold autumn day like today. I’m sitting here warming my hands on a fresh mug of tea, thawing my fingers so I can type again, and thinking, “I am so glad I gave tea a try.”

Any other tea lovers out there? If so, what’s your favorite kind?

New Territory: Leopard Print

I never thought I’d be the girl to wear leopard print.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 10.38.48 AMNot in a million years. Yet there I stood Sunday morning in the second row at church, with a chambray button up shirt and leopard print scarf.

(See scarf pictured left. Note: I cropped out my adorable pastor’s daughter with her matching leopard print headband since this picture is going on the web. But it was too cute with our matching-ness!!)

While outlet shopping in Niagara Falls on Saturday, I happened upon this scarf at Charlotte Russe. Only $5.

I couldn’t resist.

I. Am. In. Love. With the colors. The print. The fabric. The feel.

Leopard print. I’m venturing out into new territory and loving it!

What new fashion finds will you try this fall?