How to Stop Comparing Yourself

Because of the world we live in, there is a trap that we can all fall in if we are not careful…the trap of comparison.

Comparison does not make you feel better about yourself. It doesn’t change anything! Comparison is unhealthy but it is something that too many of us do. How do we stop comparing ourselves? I think there are a few practical steps that we can take to stop the act of comparing and I would love to share them with you!

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How To Skip the Drama In High School

by Peyton

I’ve been at the same school since kindergarten!!

There have been ups and downs throughout the years, but in middle school, a major down was the drama. I remember being so sick and tired of it I really wanted to leave. I didn’t think the drama would EVER stop! But, since being in high school, the amount of drama I’ve dealt with has gotten substantially smaller. Does that mean there isn’t drama? Absolutely not!!!!

But, I have learned a few ways to avoid unnecessary drama:

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How Mentors Have Changed My Life

This month we are celebrating the women, mentors, & role models who have changed our lives. Today we hear from Peyton…

by Peyton Goss

We are surrounded by people. Constantly.

It’s great to have friends, and having family is fantastic. (In fact, family get togethers are one of my favorite things!!) You can count on friends and family to be there to listen when you need to talk, cry, or just hangout. But another important person to have in your life is a mentor.

A mentor is someone who invests into your life. They’re someone you can talk with about life struggles. They can be an accountability partner. Christian mentors also can help guide you in your spiritual life.

When I think of the women who are my mentors, there are quite a few who come to mind. Today, I’d love for you to “meet” three of them!!

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Confessions of a Single Girl

by Peyton Goss

Being single in middle school didn’t seem like a big deal.

I remember sleepovers with friends, talking about the perfect guy we’d meet in college, and what our dream wedding would be like. In fact, dating didn’t even cross my mind in middle school, because, of course, I would meet “the one” when I got to college…


Fast forward to sophomore year of high school, and suddenly the thought of “waiting until college to date” had completely escaped my mind. I thought I had found my high school sweetheart and began to dream about our future.

But I didn’t just spend my time dreaming; I also spent it justifying the red flags I saw in my relationship. It took awhile, but eventually I stopped justifying. It was an incredibly tough decision, but I decided to end the relationship.

At the time, I couldn’t believe I was actually doing that! But now, months later, I have grown to appreciate being single, even when it’s not easy.

Part of me wished I had waited until college to date, and wanted to live in regret, but I’ve gained a greater appreciation for the time I have in front of me to be single. And today I’d love to share a few of the things I’ve learned so far!

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