What Is Contentment?

Today is the start of a week-long YouTube series all on the questions you have emailed me or commented on my YouTube videos! (I’m. So. Excited.😍) Here is today’s video — all about contentment, singleness, and relationships!

What else would you add to this conversation? I would love to hear!! (You can comment just below.😍)


New Year, New Team!

by Tiffany Dawn

Hello, friends!

I have to admit, I’ve been a slacker at blogging these past few years. I always want to write, but find myself running out of time — and it’s not just blogging; it’s also my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. That’s why I have a new team joining me this year.

The close of 2016 was the close of several chapters in my life. I finished my 4-year season of full-time touring. I finished my part-time, temp job from the fall. I started a YouTube channel with weekly Tuesday Girl Talk, which is where I’ve been spending most of my free time.

The beginning of 2017 has also brought some new beginnings!

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A different kind of “more”

I’ve spent so much time asking God for more, instead of thanking Him for what I have.

My prayers often center around this American mentality of “more, more, more.”

  • Please, God, more YouTube followers.
  • Please, God, more speaking engagements.
  • Please, God, more Instagram followers.
  • Then I can glorify You more. (Or, at least, that’s the reason I give. Even if it’s not the truest motivation of my heart.)

There’s nothing wrong with asking for more; in fact, God often challenges us to ask for more — to ask for something so far beyond our own strength that obviously we could never get there on our own. Then we obviously need Him, and only He can fulfill that crazy huge dream. I really believe He delights in that.

But sometimes my heart is full of selfish ambition when I ask for “more.”

  • Sometimes I want more because I want to feel more important.
  • I want to feel seen.
  • I want to feel like what I’m doing matters.
  • And I think that bigger numbers will help me get there.

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One Year Later

I’m sitting here at my favorite place on earth: a local coffee shop.

The glossy, wooden tables and deep red walls set nicely against the Alaskan mountains in the distance. That’s right: I’m at a coffee shop in Anchorage, Alaska! (Can I just take a moment to do a happy dance?!) My husband James had some clients to see up here, and we decided to turn it into our one-year anniversary trip!

You see, this week is a big week. Yesterday was our first wedding anniversary. Thursday is my 30th birthday.

And this past weekend was my “13 Going on 30” birthday party — celebrating both my inner teen and 30-year-old body.

The party was complete with hair & body glitter, a candy bar, Polaroids and a “yearbook” to sign, and was held in a COFFEE SHOP. (I felt SO LOVED — thanks to my hubby and bestie for throwing this amazing party!!)

Below I’ve included a couple photos — I try not to put people up on my social media without their permission, so I’ve included one of me and two of my closest girlfriends (we tried painting our eyes bright teenage colors though you can’t see it well here) as well as one of me and my hubby, James. 🙂

So here we are at age 30. Just twelve short months that seem to contain a lifetime have passed since we said “I do.” And every day, I am so thankful we did.

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This week’s mind-blowing gift

Oh my word. Friends.

This week, a new, gorgeous, amazing promo video was gifted to me & “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty” ministry.

This video shares a little bit of my story, and what “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty” ministry is all about.

I. Am. In. Love!!

About Town Films expertly created this 4.5-minute video from about 4 hours of film time shot here in my apartment a few weeks ago. Light the City Network extravagantly sponsored this production, so it could be a gift to this ministry. And a wonderful new friend of mine, Madi, came and shared part of her story in the film, blowing me away.

I am almost beyond words, completely blessed and feeling so, so spoiled and like I could dance and revel in God’s goodness, in this gift.

I just have to share the video with you, because, I absolutely LOVE IT. I hope you enjoy it as well. 🙂

Love, Tiffany

Cousins Weekend in Pittsburgh

I have become slightly obsessed with creating “travel vlogs” — videos to capture our out-of-town adventures.

Last weekend I met up in Pittsburgh with some of my cousins and one of my sisters. We had SUCH A BLAST. And so, of course, I made a video out of it.

If you want to hear about our hilarious adventures (and get ideas of things to do in the very cool city of Pittsburgh), you can check it out here! 🙂

My New Book!!!

Friends, I have been literally getting up and DANCING all day today!!! For two reasons:

First, the new “Insatiable Quest for Beauty Book” is now here!!!

EEEE!!! And I LOVE IT. It is seriously SO MUCH BETTER than the old one.

As much as I had loved the original version when I released it four years ago, my writing style has matured a lot over the past few years, and I’ve learned more on my journey. So I rewrote a TON of this book and I LOVE it. Also, my friend Kirsten designed a new cover and it’s amazing!!!

You can purchase it on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Insatiable-Quest-Beauty-overcoming-perfection/dp/1475272553/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1461616141&sr=8-3&keywords=tiffany+dawn+the+insatiable+quest+for+beauty

You can hear more about the new book here:


And the second reason I’ve been dancing all day is because…

TOMORROW (4/26/16) is the FREE, community event at 7pm at SCCC in Schenectady, NY!!!

If you live in the upstate NY area, you should definitely come join us!!

Not only will I be sharing a brand new version of “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty” Seminar, and having it video recorded, but you’ll also get to:

  • text in anonymous questions for our guest panel to answer;
  • be inspired by a beautiful dance, music, and videos;
  • and stick around for a book signing, as we officially release this new book!!

Want more info?? Visit the Facebook page here! https://www.facebook.com/events/233006347048660/

It’s going to be AMAZING.

And every time I think about it…I  just want to dance!!

“Boycrazy” is in the mail!!!

Oh my goodness, I want to dance and sing and laugh all at the same time — which would make a very strange sound! Why? Because…

I just placed an order for the first copies of “Boycrazy: And how I ended up single and (mostly) sane!”








I am SO BEYOND EXCITED to hold this book in my hands!!! I’ve also been working (a little bit) on the webpage for the book, which you can check out here: www.tiffanydawn.net/boycrazy. (If you have any ideas or feedback, I’d love to hear them!)

Boycrazy will be live on Amazon next week, and I’ll keep you posted when you can purchase a copy for yourself or a friend!

Thanks blogger friends for sharing this journey with me!! :):):)


I’m feeling 28…

It’s that time of year again.

The beautiful bouquet my boyfriend brought me when taking me to lunch this afternoon. :)

That sappy, nostalgic day when you look back over the last year and think, “Wow, how did I get from there to here? When did all this happen?” This year has been full of transitions and expecting the unexpected…

  • Lots of moving around: Going back to Rochester in Fall 2013 (the city I called home for years) only to decide I needed to just stay in one place, therefore officially moving to Albany for good (for now).
  • Touring again with my friend Jen in Spring 2014, which was a year’s worth of adventures in and of itself!
  • Coming home in summer 2014 and getting ready to release my next book: Boycrazy!
  • And starting a new relationship, which I totally didn’t see coming!

Birthday “Spy Training” Gift

The jade earrings and fair trade scarf he brought home for me.

The jade earrings and fair trade scarf he brought home for me.

So far it’s been an amazing 28th birthday! My boyfriend was away on a 10-day road trip (so jealous), and got home at 12:15am this morning! So part one of my birthday was picking him up at the airport — and can I just say I was counting down the hours? Though it was weird to wake up and say, “I see him today!! ….But in 16 hours….”

(Side note: Those of you who know my story will appreciate this gift: He brought home gun magazines for me, which I intend to thoroughly memorize in case any spy agency ever attempts to recruit me. Then I can pass their tests more easily. Yes please, Jesus, amen.)

(No seriously, I pray about this all the time. Except usually I just pray that I can play a spy-actress in a movie. I think in reality I’d enjoy that more than being a real spy.)

Anyway. Let me get to the point.

Birthday Reflections

This morning I was thinking about how excited I was to see my boyfriend, and the thought crossed my mind — what if I was that excited about spending time with God — counting down the hours until I could next be alone with Him? What would my life look like then?

And then I was thinking — putting God first in this relationship isn’t about caring for the other person less, it’s about loving God more. Exponentially more! As I start into this 28th year, I want to carry that with me in every season and circumstance:

Not to care less for the things God has put in my life, but to love God exponentially more than anything else.

And let me tell you, that’s a whole lot of loving! My friends enjoy teasing me that I think everything is amazing. One friend says, “Tiff, not everything can be amazing! That’s like saying an orchestra and pizza are on the same level!” Hey. Welcome to my life. It’s all a matter of perspective.

My pedicure from Traci :):)<3

My pedicure from Traci :):)<3

So yeah it’s been an AMAZING birthday so far! 

  • Pre-birthday: Beautifying my feet with bestie Traci (aka Track) (aka bday pedicures:))
  • Bday Part 1: Picking this guy up at the airport at 12:15am.
  • Part 2: Lunch and flowers with him. Just now.
  • Part 3: Dinner with our families tonight. Which I expect will be highly amusing.
  • I think it’s already a good 28th year.

So as I close out this year’s nostalgic reflection, first…let me take a [birthday] selfie!

For past birthday posts, click here:

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  • Apparently I just thought I wrote one for my 26th birthday, but didn’t actually. SO. This is my post 5 days after my 26th birthday, which gives all the crazy changes of that year. On my birthday itself, I felt like I was being attacked by all these “what if” questions about life — like, “If you decide to do this tour thing, what if you never get married?” And I felt like God showed me that if He didn’t ask me the question, I didn’t have to answer it. Powerful lesson that’s carried me through the past two years!
  • 25th birthday (it is bizarre how much life has changed since then!)