What Is Contentment?

Today is the start of a week-long YouTube series all on the questions you have emailed me or commented on my YouTube videos! (I’m. So. Excited.😍) Here is today’s video — all about contentment, singleness, and relationships!

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Choosing to Put My Marriage First

by Kimmie Plummer

More times than not, if you run into me while I’m out and about, my son is attached to my hip. At almost 15 months, he’s my constant companion. I cherish every second I get with him, especially because I’m not a stay-at-home mom. Our time together is so precious, so valuable.

One of my toughest days as a mom was the day I returned to work. I still live with residual guilt from this decision.

Because my time with my son is limited, I find myself engrossed with all things Everett. We play trucks, we read books, we dance and sing…I cram everything I can fit within the two and a half hours before bedtime. Sometimes it feels like I am trying to prove to myself that I am a devoted mom, because I chose to go back to work instead of staying home with my little boy.

So, where does this leave my husband? How do I find time to show Ryan the same level of love and devotion?

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What I’ve learned about LOVE in my first 4 months of marriage

by Alyssa Kuiken


Okay, here’s my confession: I’ve only been married for FOUR months. So I’m thinking I’m not quite an expert on the subject.

In fact, I know I am absolutely a work in progress when it comes to the role of being a wife. But I also know this, I LOVE being my husband’s wife.

Before I started writing, I sat here listening to the audio CD from our wedding ceremony. In other words, I sat at home in our quaint little apartment sobbing. Don’t ask me why I didn’t sob like that on our wedding day. I think I was too nervous and excited to fully grasp all that was being said. On that beautiful fall day in October, we made a covenant with God and with each other to honor, cherish, and LOVE one another “till death do us part.”

That is not a small commitment. That is a lifelong, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse commitment. A commitment to walk alongside one another “till death do us part.”


Four months is a short amount of time. But to say I haven’t learned anything about marriage in four months would be a lie.

In fact, when it comes to loving someone, I think I’ve learned more in these four months than I have in the last 27 years of my life.

So I thought I would share just a few (four to be exact- one for each month of marriage) of the lessons I’ve been learning about LOVE through marriage to my sweet husband, Rick.

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