The Wedding Night Talks Are Here!

The Wedding Night Talks!!

What You Need to Know About Sex for Your Wedding Night

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Ladies, I am SO EXCITED to announce a brand-new 10-part video series called: “The Wedding Night Talks!” These videos cover everything I would have wanted to know about sex before my wedding night, and I think they’ll be so helpful for you as well!

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Choosing to Put My Marriage First

More times than not, if you run into me while I’m out and about, my son is attached to my hip. At almost 15 months, he’s my constant companion. I cherish every second I get with him, especially because I’m not a stay-at-home mom. Our time together is so precious, so valuable.

One of my toughest days as a mom was the day I returned to work. I still live with residual guilt from this decision.

Because my time with my son is limited, I find myself engrossed with all things Everett. We play trucks, we read books, we dance and sing…I cram everything I can fit within the two and a half hours before bedtime. Sometimes it feels like I am trying to prove to myself that I am a devoted mom, because I chose to go back to work instead of staying home with my little boy.

So, where does this leave my husband? How do I find time to show Ryan the same level of love and devotion?

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One Year Later

I’m sitting here at my favorite place on earth: a local coffee shop.

The glossy, wooden tables and deep red walls set nicely against the Alaskan mountains in the distance. That’s right: I’m at a coffee shop in Anchorage, Alaska! (Can I just take a moment to do a happy dance?!) My husband James had some clients to see up here, and we decided to turn it into our one-year anniversary trip!

You see, this week is a big week. Yesterday was our first wedding anniversary. Thursday is my 30th birthday.

And this past weekend was my “13 Going on 30” birthday party — celebrating both my inner teen and 30-year-old body.

The party was complete with hair & body glitter, a candy bar, Polaroids and a “yearbook” to sign, and was held in a COFFEE SHOP. (I felt SO LOVED — thanks to my hubby and bestie for throwing this amazing party!!)

Below I’ve included a couple photos — I try not to put people up on my social media without their permission, so I’ve included one of me and two of my closest girlfriends (we tried painting our eyes bright teenage colors though you can’t see it well here) as well as one of me and my hubby, James. 🙂

So here we are at age 30. Just twelve short months that seem to contain a lifetime have passed since we said “I do.” And every day, I am so thankful we did.

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Quick Thought on Faithfulness

You basically can’t get much more newlywed than us, so friends keep asking what our most shocking discovery of marriage has been thus far, and each time we say:

We can’t sleep while cuddling!

At least not yet. James’s body is just SO WARM, it’s like my own space heater! So at first I’m curled up next to him, shaking with cold, but then next thing you know I’m throwing off the covers from what feels like heat stroke!

(And James does not like when I throw off the covers. He likes his covers to be like “lasagna,” with every layer pulled up nice and high, and so he starts asking why I’m messing up his “lasagna.”) (Only he would describe his cover arrangements as one of his favorite meals.)

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