How to Stop Comparing Yourself

Because of the world we live in, there is a trap that we can all fall in if we are not careful…the trap of comparison.

Comparison does not make you feel better about yourself. It doesn’t change anything! Comparison is unhealthy but it is something that too many of us do. How do we stop comparing ourselves? I think there are a few practical steps that we can take to stop the act of comparing and I would love to share them with you!

(Watch: How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Girls.)

  1. Be careful who/what you follow on social media. We are constantly able to see what is going on in people’s lives. It’s easy to start comparing the amount of friends we have, the places we get to go, or the things we have to what we see on someone else’s account. But we have to remember something….we only get to see what they want us to see, their “highlight reels.” We don’t see the struggles they face. Maybe you need to unfollow someone. If you know that you are struggling with comparing yourself to someone, unfollow them so you aren’t constantly seeing it. Or maybe you need to take some time away from social media to refocus on what really matters in life.
  2. Spend time in the Word. It’s important to know what God thinks about us! We were created perfectly in the image of God. An example I have heard a lot talks about a painter and his painting. Imagine the artist has finally painted HIS best painting! He loves everything about it and shows it to a friend. Instead of aw-ing over it as well, the friend points out things he doesn’t like, such as the size and color of it. The artist in turn feels bad. That’s kind of how it is when we complain about the way we look. God is perfect and loves the way He created us, so we should too! If you’re struggling with comparing your appearance, I encourage you to look in the Bible and see what it has to say about our appearance! (For example, check out Psalm 139.)
  3. Be confident in who you are. Don’t feel as if you have to be the same as everyone else! Being different is what makes the world unique and interesting. Someone is always going to have more than you. And that’s okay. The Bible tells us that earthly possessions will be destroyed but our treasures in heaven won’t (Matthew 6:20-21). Don’t let what you don’t have define you. You are talented in your own way! Instead of wishing you had someone else’s talents, spend that time and energy using your talents.

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Comparison is never going to make us have a better day; it’ll just ruin it. The next time you think about comparing something, I want to challenge you to do something different: Be thankful for what you do have!

  • If you’re thinking about comparing your looks, think of something you really like about yourself, and give thanks.
  • If you’re thinking about comparing your singing voice, think about a talent you have that you enjoy.

I think Theodore Roosevelt said it well when he said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Don’t ruin your day by comparing yourself!


screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-12-07-36-pmPeyton Goss is a junior in high school who stays busy doing anything from reading and playing sports to snorkeling in the Florida Keys and traveling. She is very involved in church and school. She leads devotions with middle school girls and absolutely loves it! Any free time she has is spent drinking coffee, hanging with friends, or eating sushi.



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