Summer Book List for the Christian Girl

I know what you all are thinking, “it’s summer and the last thing I want to do is read a book!” Trust me when I say I AM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU.

I need to be transparent with you all. I am the worst reader. Like the worst reader you have ever met. I will start a book and continue to work on it for months. So when Tiffany brought up the idea of writing a post about books, I secretly prayed that I would not be the one to write it, but here I am. 😂 I guess the Lord has a funny sense of humor.

Again, this is me taking my mask off: I sat at my computer MULTIPLE times trying to write this post, but feel short in the books that I have actually completed, and was only able to come up with two! So, a little disappointed with my book reading ability, I gave up thinking about books I have finished and thought about the ones I continually go back to.

You know those books that you continue to read chapters over and over, and they absolutely wreck you? The books that always end up in your backpack on long trips; the ones that find their way on your college dorm’s bookshelf? Those are the books that I am going to recommend. 

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B O O K S    I     H A V E      C O M P L E T E D

Redeeming Love: Francine Rivers

This book is a novel, so it is a faster read than most of the other books I will recommend. Redeeming Love is referencing the love story in Hosea between Hosea and the prostitute who later becomes his wife. You guys, this book drew me to tears — and if you know me, that is saying something — so make sure you have tissues handy! However, if you are under the age of 15 or 16, I would say wait a little bit to read it because it can get a bit heavy. Even I as a 20 year old have a hard time reading certain parts of the book. But please look at the description of the book and consider reading it. YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

Get Lost: Dannah Gresh

I LOVE THIS BOOK. This book is a dating book  — but not one of those books that says to sit patiently and wait for your prince charming; one that actually challenges you to put dating off the table. That’s right ladies, this book wants you to stop dating for a season of time. It pushes you to grow in who you are as a Daughter of the King and challenges you to find your true love in Him. I did this book with two of my best friends as a small group book study, and I recommend going through it with a group of girls so you can keep each other accountable.

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B O O K S    I    A M    S T I  L L    R E A D I N G

Uninvited: Lysa TerKeurst


This summer I have the incredible opportunity to intern with a local church. The ladies and I were out to lunch and we were talking about books, and this book came up. Multiple woman were saying what an impact this book made in their lives, and that this is the book that they tell every female to read.

End Backstory.

Before I give my opinion as to why I think you should read this book, I am going to share with you the tagline of this book. “Living loved when you feel: Less than, Left out, and Lonely.” This book reaches every woman. If you aren’t intrigued yet, I will continue to tell you why you need to order this book on Amazon right now. Whether you are 13 or you are 53, this book is for you. I am currently about halfway through with this book and every time I pick this book back up, the title of the chapter is exactly the situation I had been living that day. This book is one that will challenge you, give you ways to change your situation, and seriously it shows you and walks you through living Loved regardless of the situation you are in. (Anything by Lysa is FANTASTIC).

Love Does: Bob Goff

Bob Goff, what a guy. Love Does is a book compiled of stories from Bob’s life. Some that will make you laugh and some that just make you smile. This book for sure is an uplifting book, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t challenge you. Bob demonstrates in his book such a simple way to show the love of God in everyday life. He is famous for saying, “Love simply does,” and in the book you continue to dive into what that looks like.

Boundaries: Henry Cloud & John Townsend

I am sure that you have heard about this book. This book (or any of his other boundary books) is something that I am a firm believer in. I think, especially as women, we need to understand boundaries and how to be firm in our boundaries. I was challenged by my mom to read this book and really discover what are my boundaries — what do they look like in friendships, family relationships, and dating relationships, and how do you learn to say no. I strongly encourage this book!

Cold Tangerines: Shauna Niequist

I have loved reading this book. The tagline is “Celebrating the extraordinary nature in everyday life.” This book is structured very similarly to Love Does, in the sense that is the short chapters that make you focus on the extraordinary in everyday life. This book helps you to pause and notice things such as the dinning room table that fosters great conversations, or the windows. Shauna does a beautiful job in making everyday things come back to life with the Lord’s presence in those mundane things. (I also recommend Savor and Present over Perfect by her)

Jordan Lee’s Blog

This is not a book, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be read! Earlier in the school year I was introduced to Jordan Lee. She is a blogger and let me tell you, she is incredibly raw and real when she writes. Her blog is and I highly suggest you going and checking her out, either at her blog or her Instagram. P.s. she just got a SUPER cute puppy, and she is from the Midwest, so gotta support my local Midwesterner.

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B O O K S     I N     M Y      A M A Z O N    C A R T

These are a few more books that have been suggested to me:



Julia is an ordinary girl loving and serving an extraordinary God. A sophomore psychology student in sunny southern California, she tries to balance her desire to study with her desire to go to the beach. She is a lover of doughnuts, all things peanut butter, sunsets, and great conversations over beautiful cups of coffee.


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