Putting Power in your Story

This blog is a re-post from Thrivefittlife.com — you can view the original here. This post is all about how Amanda’s failures led her to exactly where God wanted her. (Namely, traveling to China to give a presentation…WHAT?!)

Do you believe that EVERYTHING that happens in your life happens for a reason? Even what we see as bad? I do.

Here’s why.

In a month I am blessed to be going to China to present with Ken Weichert and Stephanie Weichert, which was one of my original goals when I began my journey in the fitness industry. But, I want you to look at the series of events that got me here…

In college, my focus area GPA of my studies was too low to continue in the education major and so I switched my major to Exercise Science and a minor in biology. (Which I considered a FAILURE and haven’t told many people… EVER.)

BUT because of this change, I started working with the football team where I met Shawn who I would eventually date 1 month before I moved home to NY to teach HS (my original dream job).

(Watch: When Waiting for Dreams to Come True.)

A week before I graduated, I applied to the local YMCA, believing that the job was outdated. Allison Raeh called me the next day asking when the earliest I could come interview was….

So, I went home, and discovered that I loved teaching and coaching fitness more than I loved teaching in a school setting. (good thing I switched my major!)

BUT, Shawn could only get job offers in Ohio, NOT New York. Bummer. I remember being VERY resistant to this one at first. Why should I have to leave all my friends?

So, I moved to the land of camo, zero starbucks, and stinkbugs.

Being in Ohio made me more central to travel locations and so I traveled to DC for IDEA PTI East and braved a BLIZZARD to stay to hear this SGT KEN guy on the very last day. And I really didn’t think much of it (quite possibly because I was TOASTED from the workout) other than wow, that man made me feel like I was the most important person he was going to talk to all day!

I got back to OH and felt the need for change- I was going to teach circuits for the National Guard and write a blog (HA!). That was my new life goal. But then I met Brian Anderson and his belief in me helped me grow to bigger things- and thus began the very early and VERY unexpected makings of my own fitness business.

Then, I drove to Atlanta for a weekend of training and this same SGT Ken was there and at the end of it, he asked me to come help him at the same DC conference in two weeks where he asked if I wanted him to be my mentor (YESSS!!!)

In a year that was supposed to be a quiet and easy year, I got pretty sick, had surgery, learned a lot about myself, started a course by Brené Brownand started the process of becoming a Holistic Health Coach…. In a year of sickness and slowing down- I took on more of a studying approach to my career, which truly, I HATED at the time.

I also started THRIVEfitt, LLC. And then life took a turn and I needed my own location. And it was ROUGH. Trust me. I almost quit several times. Maybe more than several. But the course work I had done in my sick time helped with my resiliency. BUT, I’ve been blessed with faithful clients and friends and a husband who said it would get better, just keep going. And in the mean time, if I failed, AT LEAST I TRIED.

(Watch: To All the Perfectionists.)

And it did. It got better. And it didn’t fail, though I had some failures along the way.

With our grand opening of THRIVEfitt 2 weeks before, Operation GET THRIVE FITT happened and I got to be a Master Instructor for START fitness with Ken and Stephanie, which has led to a whole host of networking and opportunity.

… which led to China. And presenting in Canada at Canadian Fitness Professionals Inc. (canfitpro) this August.

BUT, this all started with my apparent FAILURE- grades not quite high enough to say the course in the plan I had for my life.

You see, we can look at failure in many different ways. We can let it cripple us, hold us back, cause us to hide OR we can face it, learn from it and come back stronger and better. Life isn’t fair. I’ve seen it. And I don’t get it. But life isn’t easy. It’s the toughest arena you will ever be in- its cruel, evil, full of failures, disease, and hardships.

(Watch: Seeing Rejection as God’s Direction.)

But, just as terrible as all that sounds, there is a side that is completely opposite. There is joy, reward, success, laughter, love, and peace. And that comes from within you. No one can take it from you or make that for you. That comes from within. And it’s a practice. I could have chosen different paths. I could have chosen misery while I was sick. I could have chosen to sit in my house and be angry about moving to Ohio. I could have transferred to another school and continued in my major. BUT without those trials, I wouldn’t know the joy I have today. And I might not be going to China. I might never have met the wonderful town of Marietta, OH. I might not have met the man I married.

I don’t know how my story would have gone, but I do know tonight, I’m thankful for my failures and hardships that led me to where I am today.



reebok1Amanda Mercer is a personal trainer and fitness presenterwho loves ALL things active and competitive. Chances are good, if you see her, she’ll be in workout clothes (always matching of course) and either running, biking or lifting. Her goal is to help you strengthen the fearfully and wonderfully made person that YOU ALREADY ARE and recognize that fitness and faith together will help you not only feel better but also be even more successful in all that you do. For more workout ideas, follow her blog & Instagram!



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