How To Skip the Drama In High School

I’ve been at the same school since kindergarten!!

There have been ups and downs throughout the years, but in middle school, a major down was the drama. I remember being so sick and tired of it I really wanted to leave. I didn’t think the drama would EVER stop! But, since being in high school, the amount of drama I’ve dealt with has gotten substantially smaller. Does that mean there isn’t drama? Absolutely not!!!!

But, I have learned a few ways to avoid unnecessary drama:

1. Don’t gossip! That is definitely easier said than done. By gossiping, we aren’t only creating drama, but we are also setting ourselves up to become victims! If you have a circle of friends who are constantly gossiping with you about other people, how can you know they won’t gossip with other people about you? Choosing not to gossip is a major key to making school drama free.

(Watch: How to Be a Good Friend.)

2. Don’t talk about things you don’t want other people to know. If you have something personal you need to tell someone, school probably isn’t the best place for that conversation. It’s so easy to overhear people’s conversations. When you need to share something private, try to meet outside of school to talk with the specific person privately. That way, you avoid other people knowing things you don’t want them to know.

3. Find a good group of Christian friends. It’s good to have a group of friends at school who you know you can go to if you’re having a rough day. By surrounding yourself with a good group of Christian friends,  you can encourage and pray for each other throughout the day. Having friends with the same values as you always helps!

(Watch: How to Make Friends.)

Drama will always exist (even in high school), but you can make a decision to not be part of it!

Pray for God to help you make the right decisions, whether that means finding the right group of people, not gossiping (I know I pray about that a lot), or just to becoming a good friend to others.

There’s plenty of things to enjoy in school, and drama definitely  isn’t one of them! Leave drama at the door, and enjoy the time you have, because these are years you’ll never get back.

screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-12-07-36-pmPeyton Goss is a junior in high school who stays busy doing anything from reading and playing sports to snorkeling in the Florida Keys and traveling. She is very involved in church and school. She leads devotions with middle school girls and absolutely loves it! Any free time she has is spent drinking coffee, hanging with friends, or eating sushi.

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