How Mentors Have Changed My Life

We are surrounded by people. Constantly.

It’s great to have friends, and having family is fantastic. (In fact, family get togethers are one of my favorite things!!) You can count on friends and family to be there to listen when you need to talk, cry, or just hangout. But another important person to have in your life is a mentor.

A mentor is someone who invests into your life. They’re someone you can talk with about life struggles. They can be an accountability partner. Christian mentors also can help guide you in your spiritual life.

(Watch: How to Find a Mentor.)

When I think of the women who are my mentors, there are quite a few who come to mind. Today, I’d love for you to “meet” three of them!!

First, meet Cheryl Causey! She’s my aunt, but she is also one of the biggest mentors in my life!!! If I need to just hangout or if I have to go shopping for a dress, she is ALWAYS my first phone call. She’s one of the most selfless people I know.

She’s such a big mentor to me because she tells me things the way they are. No matter what I call her about, I can count on her for a straightforward and honest opinion. She’s an incredible woman of God and her testimony is amazing. I’m thankful to have her as not only an aunt, but as a mentor as well!!


Lauren Thompson is one of the youth leaders at my church. She loves to bake, play softball, and travel (particularly to China). She’s a mentor I really look up to.

She coached a Bible program at my church and I’ve gotten to know her so well. She puts God first and has such a heart for middle school and high school girls. She’s trustworthy and reliable. One of my favorite things about her is her willingness to pray for you. If I ever call her for advice, she always ends by praying for me!

(Watch: How to Lead a Small Group Bible Study.)


Señora Lopez is the Spanish teacher at my school. I’ve known her since I was in fourth grade! She’s funny, cares about her students, and loves to invest in the lives of others!!

She is soo much more than a teacher. She’s mentored me in so many areas from my life. From guy advice to leadership tips, from encouragement in my walk with God to just being there to listen, she’s played a big role in my life! She is soo attentive to others, and her heart for God doesn’t go unnoticed.


Those are just three different women that I’ve met in three different areas of my life! And I am soo thankful for each of them and the roles they play in my life.

So I want to challenge each of you: Find a godly mentor who can invest in your life!!!

Whether it’s a family member, leader at church, or whoever else God may place in your life, don’t pass up the opportunity to be mentored by somebody… because it truly can change your life! 

screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-12-07-36-pmPeyton Goss is a junior in high school who stays busy doing anything from reading and playing sports to snorkeling in the Florida Keys and traveling. She is very involved in church and school. She leads devotions with middle school girls and absolutely loves it! Any free time she has is spent drinking coffee, hanging with friends, or eating sushi.




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