The Course that Changed My Life

I’m about to change the topics I cover in this blog. And it’s all because of one course I took this summer.


Let me explain…and then (at the end) I’ll introduce the brand new focus of this blog…


Several years ago I started developing “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty Ministry.” It involved speaking, writing books, recording videos, and using social media to help someone, somehow with body image and identity.

I knew I wanted to help girls, but I also wanted to help guys. And I knew I loved working with teens, but I didn’t want to leave out any age. So I figured that this ministry existed to help everyone I possibly could by doing anything that could possibly help.

Talk about a recipe for disaster!

I tried to do a lot of different things that I thought were good ideas — and some of them went better than others. Speaking was a hit; I’d found a niche and passion. But I also remember throwing money away on merch that never sold and marketing that never went anywhere. I started up social media platforms only to forget about them within a few weeks. I didn’t have a succinct focus or vision by which to measure all my decisions.

Then I took this “non-profit accelerator course.” It literally changed my life — or maybe it’s more accurate to say that it changed how I approached ministry.

This course (by Light the City Network) really focused on bringing clarity to your ministry, and trained you in what I call “the business side of ministry” — from marketing to fundraising to vision. You didn’t have to be a non-profit to take it, so I signed up. And it was amazing.


After taking this course, I felt like I had much greater clarity…like God gave me a new identity and focus for ministry. This clarity impacted every detail of “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty”: the social media platforms I use, what content I post, how my website is designed — EVERYTHING.

Here’s the new vision I gained:

We exist to help young women know they are loved just as they are. We do this by starting conversations, through practical and inspirational resources.

This is the promo video I did following the course. I love how clear and focused it is (especially compared to what I would have said a few months ago)!

Since then, I’ve been feeling like God is just downloading idea after idea into my heart, for what The Insatiable Quest for Beauty is supposed to look like.

  • That’s why I’ve started focusing on YouTube videos targeting teen and college-age girls.
  • That’s why I redesigned my website to make it more user-friendly. (Still a work in progress.)
  • That’s why I’m focusing more on my Instagram account than on some of my other social platforms.

I can’t do everything well; there’s just not enough time in one day. But I can do a few, strategically-chosen things with vision, clarity, and excellence.


And then there’s this blog. I have something on my heart for this blog that’s different than anything I’ve imagined yet. We’ll see how it goes…but here’s what I want to try:

I want this blog to be a place where I can share some of the “how-to’s” or “business savvy” or “practical” sides of ministry that have really helped me.

Because now I’m hooked. While taking that course, I discovered a huge passion that I can’t even put into words yet…a passion for:

  • Helping other women in ministry (i.e. bloggers, life coaches, speakers, writers, aspiring girls’ ministries, etc.)
  • by sharing a little bit of what’s helped me…
  • …and specifically by sharing the “how to’s” and “business/marketing tips” that I’ve found helpful.

As I learn, or try and fail, or try and succeed — I want to share those things with you.

I’m sure I’ll continue to write some blogs about healthy body image and my walk with God, but most of those topics I’m now covering on my YouTube channel. And here on this blog I want to share more of the things I’m learning that are ministry-related.


So I hope these things can be helpful, and as we go, I would love to have you share your stories too! If you want to write a guest post, or comment below with things you’ve learned, I would LOVE that.

I’m so excited to take this new adventure together! 🙂 🙂 🙂


By the way, if you’re a non-profit or in any kind of ministry yourself, then I have to tell you: The guy who runs this accelerator does long-distance coaching…so you should DEFINITELY get in touch with him if this sounds at all helpful! Here’s the course website.


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