Awesome, free resource collection!

Hi friends!

For any of you who are young women, or who know young women — this is for you and for them!

Please feel free to pass along these links so your friends and daughters can access these free resource collections. They’re especially created for Christian girls ages 12-23 — although they can certainly be encouraging to others as well.

I’m SO EXCITED about these — let me tell you why!

First, Body Image Resource Page:

Girls often ask how I worked through my struggles with body image and disordered eating. Well, they now have a WHOLE WEBPAGE of resources — let alone my book!

Here I’ve developed a page of tips, advice, and resources for struggles with body image and eating disorders here — including how to help a friend through these things. A lot of them are videos I’ve made, or other people have made.


Second, Relationship Advice Page:

I also get lots of emails and questions about relationships. How do you enjoy being single? How do you know if a guy is a good person to date? So…here you are!

This is a whole page of tips, advice, and resources on dating relationships, friendship, saving sex for marriage, singleness, and more!


Lastly, Main Resource Page:

This page focuses on the most important thing of all: how to grow a relationship with God. It has tips for Bible study, practical ways to refocus your mind on the Lord, and more.

This page also talks about other struggles like anxiety.

Again, please feel free to share this information with anyone you think would benefit from it!

I’m trying to make these pages super helpful, relevant, and accessible to teen and college-age girls…and I would love your help getting the word out! 

I hope these resource pages greatly encourage you and those you love!

Love, Tiffany Dawn


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