About to Break – Song

Hi, friends!

Happy almost-Fourth-of-July!! 🙂

As we come up to this weekend that commemorates so much courage — so many heroic acts that took great faith — I want to share this song with you.

I wrote this song about breaking up with a boyfriend several years ago, but it stood for so much more than just that.

This song speaks to all those “unknowns” that God has asked me to walk into…

all those frightening steps of faith I knew I had to take…

It speaks to choosing to walk by faith instead of by fear, trusting even in the unknowns that our God knows.

You can hear the song in the video below, and view the lyrics below it. I hope it encourages you as it has me!

Love, Tiffany


I’m feeling like I’m about to break

Feeling like I’m about to fall

And I don’t know if I’m a fool who will look back with regret

Or if I’ll fall into something that’s right

I don’t know, I don’t know, I’m terrified



When have I been one to go with whatever’s comfortable?

When have I been one to fear the unknown?

My God has a plan for me, a future and a hope

This I know, oh, this I know



I’m feeling it’s time to let go

But I don’t want to be left all alone

I don’t have another plan, no one here to hold my hand

But if I don’t give up, how will I know?

I think there’s more, I think there’s more, I have to go alone


Written 2011; (c) 2016 Tiffany Dawn, all rights reserved.

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