The Unmasked Dance – Poem by Dorissa

The Unmasked Dance

This beautiful poem is written by a young woman I met this Spring named Dorissa. When she shared this with me, I thought it was so beautiful, and asked if I could share it with all of you. It offers hints of a fairytale coupled with learning to love the selves we’ve been given, and learning that we ourselves are lovable just as we are. 

In my room ready to be revealed

I look at myself

In the mirror I do not see it

I do not feel pretty

I do not feel beautiful

I see scars in my heart

From past regrets and decisions

Remembering them brings my eyes to water

But I hear the voices

Calling me down to show them myself

I will wear my dress with pride, but with a mask

This is not a masquerade, but still I hide, smile, and put on a show   

Walk down with a little pitter patter

This time it’s not baby feet

I see my baby girl all grown up

She is not my baby princess

She is much more

Seeing that peachy dress

Forget glass slippers

My girl has converse at her feet

That you can spot a mile away

Shining shimmering sparkling all over

Even the bright white smile on her face

Framed with those auburn curls

That all come together with those sweet hazel eyes

My daughter is brighter than the stars in the sky

Don’t look I might cry

My father stands strong

But I see the tears in his eyes

as he sees me, his daughter

As he sees me, his daughter

Pose with my friends

My mother sends a flash

To capture the memories that will last forever

Riding with friends but become jealous

Seeing with their guys

Sitting asking why

I will hide my love away until I can see

Who I’m planned to be with

I will hide my love away until they are revealed to me

I will hide my love away

Friends dance

Barely can I see

Colorful fireflies spin on the wall

To reveal out of holes in my mask a man

Standing there in black and white

But with a stretched out hand

I see true color

For the first time in my life

Someone hands a hand

To help me to my feet

Someone who cares

Looking in his eyes

The seas are jealous

And that deep dark hair

That flows without care

Looking in her eyes he sees it

He sees behind her mask

He sees brilliant stars

Pushed back to never land

He tends to bring them back

Twirling and floating

Like a beautiful cloud

They dance the night away

His wind inside of him stops at such beauty

In front of him he stares

She forgets all past regrets

All tests life gave her she failed

Taunting words said to her

She believed as she looked in the mirror

On the scale

On the test scale

Tonight no numbers mattered

Music was her escape

Painting the air with colors of the wind

Thunking away on her six string

Blasting her ears to deafen the world

Only to allow her inner thoughts to scream

Cheesy jokes continue

Filling the air with laughter

Swinging her around

Both having the best time of their lives

Thinking they are the only two there

Staring in each other’s eyes

Time to reveal the princess

Time to reveal the queen

Someone taps them from their daydream

She looks up

Tears fill her eyes

She was the chosen one

A crown placed on her head

A major surprise

She gazes into the crowd

But she looks back at only him

Fear on her face shows she’s afraid of something

Taking off

Nervously running

Spotted converse taking her

Heart pounding

Clock ticking

Never said goodbye

She is gone

Never even got her name

He wonders why she ran

He feels sad but knows

Fate brought them together

With faith they will be again

He will hide his love away for her

He will feel her hands

See her white smile laugh laughing

Those bouncy auburn curls

Stare into her sweet hazel eyes

He will see her again

He said, “I will hide my love away until I can see

Who I’m planned to be with

I will hide my love away until they are revealed to me

I will hide my love away”


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