Valentine’s Weekend

This was our first married Valentine’s Day…and it ended up hilariously different than we expected!

First, I have to give some back story.

20150215_112059Last year was our first Valentine’s Day together. We stayed with my grandparents to celebrate in one of our favorite cities: Austin, TX. We frequented classy restaurants, explored the city in 70-degree weather, and filled our days with shooting lessons and tandem biking in adorable outfits.

It was the exact opposite of this year.

Actually, side note: Last year was the first Valentine’s Day James had ever spent with a girl, and one of the few I’d ever spent with a guy. Most of his Valentine’s Day were spent watching chick flicks with guy friends (for real), and mine were spent watching chick flicks with girl friends.

So of course, I was thinking: Our first married Valentine’s Day is going to be SO romantic.

20160214_094508We are all into B&B’s right now, so I had the very romantic idea to reserve a room in a bed and breakfast for Saturday and Sunday night. We are on tour right now, and were coming from Fort Wayne, IN on Saturday and had to be in Lafayette, IN on Monday, so we found a place right smack dab in the middle of those two points, on Indiana Beach.

20160214_094238In the summer, this place is hopping. But in the winter…and especially in the middle of a snowstorm…there’s only so much you can do. AND…there are almost no restaurants there.

Don’t get me wrong: We had a very fun time. (I’ve found that no matter where we are, life with James is so fun.) And it was romantic! The inn was nestled right on the edge of a lake, our room had a whirlpool(!), and our hosts were so kind and made us delicious gluten free breakfasts!

But, it was also very different than expected, especially in two ways:

First, on Valentine’s Day we wanted to get some exercise and take a long, romantic walk through downtown together.

20160214_123716Well we tried…but it was so cold that I only lasted outside for five minutes before my face was burning with the arctic wind! So we marched into a Kroger grocery store and power walked up and down every aisle — twice. And bought food for lunch while we were there.

Exercising in Kroger. Who knew.

Second, we wanted to go out to dinner.

And me, being me, was imagining the starlet experience of a gorgeous, romantic dinner. Only, we started dropping by the few restaurants, and they were all totally falling apart, smelled weird, and were more like diners and bars than anything else. So our best option became…

Pizza Hut.

20160214_190521For real.


We literally had Valentine’s Day dinner feasting on the gluten free pizza at Pizza Hut (which was actually pretty good for gluten free pizza).

It was the most hilarious thing ever!

Then we came home and continued our tradition from single-hood of watching a chick flick on Valentine’s Day.

It was very nice and relaxing, but we had to laugh at how different it looked than we expected!

Last year: Sun and warmth, bustling city, romantic dates.

This year: Arctic wind and snow storm, middle of nowhere, and Pizza Hut.

Just thought you’d enjoy hearing of our hilarious adventures. And we are now en route to a real city…Nashville. Hello, starlet experience, take two!


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