My Hubby’s Birthday – with Seven Free Birthday Foods!

Yesterday was my husband’s 28th birthday,

so he decided to celebrate the fact that this was the last time his age would be a mathematically “perfect number” … by celebrating each of the factors of 28 (the factors are: 14, 7, 4, 2, and 1). (He explains it more in the video below.) He decided this meant doing the following things:

  • Seeing 14 special people
  • Getting 7 free birthday foods
  • Doing 4 random acts of kindness
  • Doing 2 athletic activities
  • Watching 1 birthday movie

We did it ALL!! (And boy am I tired today.)

This celebration involved two things in particular that he LOVES: People and food.

First, people: All yesterday I was trying to figure out how to put words to all the things I wanted to say about my husband James, to celebrate him on his birthday. So let me just tell you what he did to celebrate to explain. Among other things, he got together with a few younger people he likes to pour into, including taking some of them to the playground. Then he set a goal to do four acts of random kindness, but actually did six. That’s how he wanted to celebrate HIS birthday.

This guy just blows my mind. (In all fairness, he did warn me one month into our marriage that he was only beginning to blow my mind…and he has continued to do just that over and over!)

That example from his birthday is such an accurate example of who he is as a person, every day.

And second, food: We decided to take corporate America up on their offer of free food at many restaurants.

You can join us on our hilarious birthday food adventures in the video below!


Happy birthday, Jimmers!! 🙂 ❤ 


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