Wedding Photos!! <3 :) <3

Here are some of my favorite wedding photos!!! Happiness!!

I’m sitting here in another hotel lobby in Alabama…but this time I’m not alone. I’m with MY HUSBAND. ❤ 😀

We have only been married for 23 days, and been traveling all but 6 of those days, but I have loved every minute of it so far. There’s something so special about knowing that this is the person you get to spend the rest of your life with…and you WANT to spend it all with him! I used to be so afraid of commitment, and wonder what was wrong with me. Now I know I felt so unsettled because I just didn’t really want to be with those guys. And then James came along…and I REALLY wanted to be with him. 🙂

And know what’s even more exciting??


And that’s why I’m really writing this blog. To share some of these photos with you! Because I LOVE them!!

(Thanks to Chelsea Ahl Photography for these INCREDIBLE captured moments, so I can relive the day forever!!)

Part One: The Posed Photos

We did almost all our posed photos before the ceremony, so we could spend the whole afternoon with our guests. Later we stole a few minutes of evening sunlight for a few final photos. Here are my favorites:

Part Two: The Ceremony

We had the ceremony in this GORGEOUS church of my DREAMS!! Oh my word… First Pres of Glens Falls (NY). We had an incredible organist, and then he played this beautiful piece by Debussy on piano for my entrance. ❤

Part Three: The Reception

We held the reception at Peniel Bible Conerence in Lake Luzerne, NY. We actually rented out their summer camp for three days, so we could have a family/friend reunion, which was so fun! I was so glad we did, because the wedding day felt like 5 minutes and I hardly even got to say hi to everyone, let alone spend time with people! So I loved the days leading up to the wedding. We had the reception here too, but did it a little differently. We did a photo receiving line so we could get pictures with all our guests, during the Mexican picnic. Then we had a first bite of ice cream instead of cake. (We love ice cream; it’s a significant part of our relationship.) Then we had a Talent Show, which incorporated speeches, first dances, etc., alongside talents and roasts by friends. I LOVED it.

And then, my favorite photo of all:

Kissing with our parents!

Photo by Chelsea Ahl

Photo by Chelsea Ahl

Oh right! I forgot a photo of my shoes and dress details! Here goes…

Okay, I’m done. 🙂 If you looked at all these, thank you! It was the most INCREDIBLE day, and I can’t stop looking through the photos! Thank you Chelsea for being our AMAZING photographer!!

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