If I didn’t already, I have to tell you something. This is such a crazy, amazing, God-is-good thing:

James’s boss said he can work from the road, to travel and speak with me after we get married!!!

AHHHH!!! (If only there were words or emoticons to describe my excitement…) Seriously, God just blows me away.

Over the past few months, I’ve been noticing how many questions about relationships I hear after sharing “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty.” At one event, girl after girl came up to ask about how to set physical boundaries in dating, and what was okay versus too far. I started thinking, “I want to talk about this with James.” Granted, we’re no experts, but we are in a relationship, so we know the struggle and what’s helped us and others we know.

So as we’ve been thinking and praying about this, James’s brilliant mind put together a new word for a brand new seminar series we’ll be rolling out this fall:


(Origin: From the words “texting” and “seminars.”)

(Definition: A presentation in which the presenter speaks for a little while, and then people in the audience can text in their questions anonymously, which the presenter will then answer.)

Basically, James and I are going to co-speak on guy-girl relationships. We have several topics, some about friendships, some about dating. But each “Textinar” will have one thing in common: You can text in your questions.

{Imagine excited, dancing emoticons here.}

You may have seen something like this before, where people text in questions. Basically, after James and I share for 20-25 minutes on the chosen Textinar topic, people can then text in their questions anonymously. So, for example, they could ask, “Why do guys do ___?” and then James can answer! (and vise versa)

We are dreaming and planning for these seminars to be funny, but also extremely honest, practical, and helpful. We don’t want to just talk in generalities; we want to get deep and real. The main topics we’re getting ready right now are:

  • How Far Is Too Far (So basically — how do you set physical boundaries in dating relationships? What are good boundaries?)
  • S/He Said WHAT?! (Because guys and girls are SO different in some ways — so how can we really be a friend to someone without understanding them first? This is a great chance to ask all those questions you’ve always wanted to ask, to get inside the head of the other gender!)
  • Warning Signs (Not only sharing signs of whether or not your relationships — whether friends or significant others — are healthy, but also sharing fun things like…how not to be a stalker. Because I would know. From personal stalking experience.)
  • What Makes One “The One” (Instead of your typical “how to wait” session, this is a “how to date” session! How do you date wisely and in community? What’s really important in a significant other? This session is being developed specifically for college students.)

If you want to learn more about the Textinars, click here!

If you want us to come share a Textinar at your school or church, send us an email here!

I’m so crazy excited for the Textinars… AND to start travel with my husband in just a few months. :):):) It’ll be so nice to no longer travel the countryside alone… 🙂

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