Wedding Updates 😄♥💐❤👰

Home décor and juicy wedding details. Juicy like a Mexican picnic, talent show, and rustic ceremony. SO BEYOND EXCITED!

“Domesticated” Me

This is what my computer screen looks like, sitting here at my new high top dinner table. (I know. For real.)

I actually feel like Starbucks has exploded in James’s apartment (my soon to be home). (Oh, happiness!) It’s this new high top table a friend gave us. Seriously it’s magic. Not only does it look and smell and feel like Starbucks, but you can also pull the two sides apart, and there’s another leaf hiding beneath them, which slides up into place. Basically, the table can magically morph into a square, seating eight people. EIGHT. Oh my word.

Anyway, this is what my computer screen looks like, sitting here at the high top:

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 5.22.17 PM

And that’s pretty hardcore for a girl like me, who simply does not care about interior decorating, cooking, or most anything domestic. I’m more of the “foreign affairs” kind of girl, rather than an “all affairs both foreign and domestic” girl. Until now.

There’s just something about wedding planning, and the anticipation of making a home with James, that has me on Pinterest and Google Images, looking for color schemes (that preferably involve coral accents).

So, seeing my computer screen, I figured it was time for a brief interlude from life, to share a wedding update.

The Almost-100-Day Countdown

This weekend someone asked, “So, have you reached the hundred day marker yet, until your wedding?” James and I both stared at each other in horror, wondering if we’d missed the 100 day mark! (Heaven forbid!) And then we tried to figure it out. (He wanted to use a computer-generated countdown tool, but it’s so much more fun to figure it out with calendar and multiplication tables.)

And it’s a good thing we figured it out now, because THIS THURSDAY (5/14) is our 100 Days Until the Wedding marker! (I’ll be looking on Pinterest for celebration ideas.)

With just a few months left until “THE DAY,” people are constantly asking how wedding planning is coming. And here’s my response, every single time:

It’s good! All the big stuff is done. James has helped a ton, so it hasn’t felt overwhelming yet. But now we have the little stuff to do, which will probably add up to be bigger than the big stuff.

It’s true. We’ve got the location, DJ, emcees, catering (mostly), registry, musicians (mostly), shower date chosen, invitations sent, RSVPs started, and (most importantly) (in my opinion) my dress has been purchased. And it’s TO DIE FOR. Like. I SO wish I could post a picture on here right now, but then James could see it. And that’s the one part he can’t know anything about.

Let’s Talk Details

So, details. Because if you’re anything like me, you’d do anything for the details. (Just like some people would do for a Klondike bar.)


We’re going to have the wedding at a summer camp on a lake in upstate New York. We’re going for rustic elegance. (Hopefully not rustY elegance.) I’m thinking big white Christmas lights strung across the ceiling of the camp’s wooden chapel, with a burlap aisle runner bordered by rose petals. (Thanks, Pinterest!)

Because both of us come from large extended families, and because our guest list is about 50% out-of-town-ers, we’ve rented out the camp for a couple days leading up to the wedding so we can have family and friend reunions!! I cannot even wait. I just have to figure out my outfits for those days. (The important things in life, you know.)


On the day of the wedding, we’re going to have a MEXICAN PICNIC. (My family has Mexican for Thanksgiving, and just about every week of the year in-between, but this was actually James’s idea. It is so absolutely perfect.)

The catering place we’ve just about finished booking is actually a hole-in-the-wall restaurant run by a couple from Mexico. (James actually set up the catering order in Spanish. I KNOW. Take me now!) The food is SO GOOD and authentic — oh my word — like heaven in my mouth — and tastes like the food I had at roadside vendors in Tiajuana. Mexican beyond anything I’ve had here in the States. Even in Texas. (Sorry, Texas.) Even at Thanksgiving. (Sorry, Mom.)

And then, of course, instead of cake we’ll have an ice cream bar. Because ice cream is a huge part of our relationship. And it wouldn’t be a wedding without ice cream.

(The one part I haven’t figured out is the first bite. Do I smear it all over his face, knowing he’ll smear it back on mine? Decisions, decisions.)


And then, instead of a traditional reception, we’re going to have a TALENT SHOW. Yep. You heard that right. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Between each talent (some of which will include impressions of James and I by our friends) we’ll have the speeches, first dances, and other such attractions. (I’m just hoping the mother-son and father-daughter dance will include a dance off.)


Later on we’ll have a dance party, complete with lessons in several different styles of dance, which people can then practice at the party. And of course there’ll be a bonfire and s’mores set up. Because I love marshmallows. Even plain. Obviously.

He Definitely Surprised Me

I’m SO excited.

It just doesn’t feel real. Like…this is happening?? Legit?!

(Is that even how you use the word legit?)

It’s so funny to look back on life, and how many times I felt like God was protecting me from myself, whether through feeling sick to my stomach at the thought of dating certain guys…or through the rejection of a boy saying I wasn’t the one for him.

And then to think of how many times I’d daydream of how I’d meet my husband, or who he’d be, and every time I felt deep down as if God was like, “Would you just let Me surprise you?”

And surprise me He did.

Having known James as a child, I never saw this coming. And yet it’s so perfect. And I’m so thankful. And I’m SO glad I waited for him, even though it took so much longer than I wanted. (Or, rather, I’m so glad my Father God helped me wait for James, even when I didn’t want to.)

PS — If you want to hear our story or see the proposal, just check out these videos!!

Okay. Thanks for reading!! (I’m kind of impressed you made it to the end. I have bouts of word vomit sometimes.)

Now the domesticated part of me is going back to Pinterest and coral accents.


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