Engagement photos!! (and why we did them)

I know it’s been a few months since we got engaged, and we’ve already sent out our save the dates, but we just had our engagement photo shoot, and I had just had to dish!

A lot of people have asked why we did the engagement photos if we didn’t need them for the save the dates, and the answer is just that — I wanted to get comfortable with the photographer. I find that a lot of times I freeze up with a photographer, so I wanted to get used to how he worked and our chemistry with him before the shoot.

So we met our photographer — BJ Enright — in NYC on Easter weekend for our photo shoot, and it was SO FUN! Oh my word. We had such good chemistry with him, and he made it so comfortable! He traipsed all over NYC with us, taking photos in all different locations and…well, without further ado, I just have to share some of the results with you!

Photo #1: Because we love Starbucks. And using our fake Starbucks names. I’m Jessie and he’s Raphael. 


Photo #2: Random beautiful church. BJ was so awesome because if we saw something we wanted in our photos while walking around the city, he’d just do it! So James saw this awesome church, and we stopped for some photos. This is also a meaningful photo because it’s a picture of our faith!


Photo #3: In Central Park on a blanket, with our vintage looking books. Because we love reading together, and being outside together.


Photo #4: Because my name is Tiffany. That’s all. 🙂


Photo #5: And a selfie with the man himself. 🙂 


These are just a few of the many beautiful photos he took. We LOVED working with BJ, were blown away by how these engagement photos turned out, and can’t wait for the wedding!! You can check out his other stuff here!


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