His Heart Toward Me

On knowing God’s love through the sweetest text I’ve ever received.

I woke up to the sweetest text message from my fiancé:

2015-02-11 08.48.28

I feel like the luckiest woman alive when I get these, which he sends on a fairly regular basis. In fact, during the last tour, each morning he sent me a text that began with “Good morning, beautiful,” and concluded with something he thought was so beautiful about me. You can imagine the miracles this worked in my heart.

This morning as I was praying, “Lord, how do I know you more, and what’s on your heart?” I felt like He showed me that:

James’s text was just a snapshot of His heart toward me.

It’s a small picture of the depth of love that He feels toward me. Somehow it’s easier for me to “get it” when it’s coming from a human, and even that is hard enough to really embrace and accept as being true. But from the God of the universe? Sometimes it’s hard for me to latch onto that.

Perhaps that’s part of the reason God created human relationships, as imperfect as they may be — to give us a picture of His heart toward us. I am so grateful. Both for this man God has put in my life, and for my heavenly Father’s heart toward me.

As we go into this Valentine’s weekend, may we know the heart of our heavenly Father toward us, saying: “Sweetheart!!! I love you SO much.”


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