Our story. On video.

Do you ever freeze up when you’re asked to describe something — or someone — really important? Because lately when people say, “Tell me about your fiancé,” a million things fly into and out of my head in one second, and I can’t find words to do justice to who he is.

The other question that throws me is, “Tell us your story.” Because our story actually started before I was born, while our dads were housemates. Seriously. So it’s 30 years of our paths starting together, then moving apart, and then coming together again, and how do you condense that into a short little blurb?

SO. Instead. We’ve created a video about how we ended up re-meeting and getting engaged. (I know, I know. So typical. And I love it. :)) And maybe in addition to sharing our story, this video will also give you a sense of who this incredible man I’m marrying actually is. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Because he makes my heart jump for joy.


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