Beginnings and Endings: Tour 5

I feel like laughing and crying! 😂 Suitcase is packed and Tour #5 begins in just 2 hours! It’s so bittersweet… The sweetness of my last solo tour, just me and God in this Father-daughter adventure. The sadness is leaving my fiancé for 2 months, and awaiting the tours I will begin doing WITH him after we get married this summer!! So I’m both laughing and crying inside and sometimes outside. And I’m overwhelmed by the goodness of God that I’ve known so far along this journey, as well as His faithfulness that is waiting for me in my future.


One thought on “Beginnings and Endings: Tour 5

  1. lauriesmalley1 says:

    Tiffany, thank you so much for sharing your story at Houghton Academy! We really loved having you come – my prayer is that your honest and sincere words will continue to impact our students for God’s Kingdom. Thanks for sharing your story. I really hope you can come back again sometime! Blessings as you travel and share with others. May the Lord be glorified and many see His love through your story. Love in Christ, Pastor Laurie


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