A Mental Reboot Kind of Prayer

Sometimes our minds just need a mental reboot.

This is a prayer I learned at my church in Rochester, NY, and that I’ve since taken and used in my own day-to-day life, as a form of reboot for my mind.

When my thoughts are going to worry, fear, jealousy, or really anywhere but to the Lord, this helps me a lot. Sometimes I spent 10 minutes, sometimes 30 seconds, depending on the day — praying over my mind, eyes, ears, lips, and heart.

Here’s a video of me walking you through the prayer, and then below you can see a list of the verses I used. Hopefully these will get your creative wheels turning and remind you of other verses you can also pray over your mind!


  • Help me to set my mind on things above, rather than earthly things (Col. 3:2).
  • Help me to think on the things that are good (Phil 4:8).
  • Wash my mind in the water of your word and truth (Eph. 5:26).
  • Help me to take each thought captive today, to your truth (2 Cor. 10:5).
  • Help me to keep my thoughts stayed on you, and keep me in perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3).


  • Help me to see each person and situation from Your perspective.
  • Help me to see myself the way you see me.
  • Open my eyes to understand your word and truth today (Psalm 119:18).
  • Help me to look straight ahead to you and to what’s in front of me to do today (Prov. 4:25-27 and Heb. 12:2).


  • Open my ears to hear your voice, rather than the lies I hear in my thoughts or from others.
  • Awaken my ears to hear your voice (Isaiah 50:4).


  • Let every word from my mouth edify and encourage others (Eph. 4:29).
  • Let my words glorify you, and be acceptable in your sight (Psalm 19:14).
  • Let every word that comes from my mouth be life and not death, blessing and not cursing, good and not evil (Prov. 18:21, James 3:2-10, Prov. 12:18).


  • Search me and try me, and lead me in the way everlasting (Psalm 139:23).
  • Unite my heart to fear you and love you (Psalm 86:11).
  • Soften my heart and make it wholly yours.



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