New Photo Shoot!

I just had to share some favorites from my new photo shoot, because I’m so excited!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 7.51.47 PM

It’s way overdue, I know. My last real photoshoot was October 2010!!! Then I had a mini one in January 2012. I loved both of them but…man is it time for a new one! People were looking at my book and CD and asking, “Is that you?” Cause they had these pictures on them from 2010:

Tiffany Dawn Insatiable Quest Beauty Body Image Coffee Speaker Teen Girls Christian Music CD

Which are simply fabulous pictures by my amazing Rochester friend Amanda…pictures I fell in love with!

Buuuuut….. if we’re being honest, they look nothing like the Tiffany of 2014, with her glasses and long hair. SO. One of my new, wonderful friends in Albany, NY (Katria Foster!) did a new photo shoot for me!! And here are some of my favorites (click on any of them to see the full pic):

This also made my curious, so I looked back and here are some pictures from past photo shoots, just for funzies:

January 2012 Photo Shoot

January 2012 Photo Shoot by Amanda Robinson

2009 Photo Shoot

2009 Photo Shoot by Joanna Pape

2008 Photo Shoot by Joanna Pape

2008 Photo Shoot by Joanna Pape


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