I’m feeling 28…

It’s that time of year again.

The beautiful bouquet my boyfriend brought me when taking me to lunch this afternoon. :)

That sappy, nostalgic day when you look back over the last year and think, “Wow, how did I get from there to here? When did all this happen?” This year has been full of transitions and expecting the unexpected…

  • Lots of moving around: Going back to Rochester in Fall 2013 (the city I called home for years) only to decide I needed to just stay in one place, therefore officially moving to Albany for good (for now).
  • Touring again with my friend Jen in Spring 2014, which was a year’s worth of adventures in and of itself!
  • Coming home in summer 2014 and getting ready to release my next book: Boycrazy!
  • And starting a new relationship, which I totally didn’t see coming!

Birthday “Spy Training” Gift

The jade earrings and fair trade scarf he brought home for me.

The jade earrings and fair trade scarf he brought home for me.

So far it’s been an amazing 28th birthday! My boyfriend was away on a 10-day road trip (so jealous), and got home at 12:15am this morning! So part one of my birthday was picking him up at the airport — and can I just say I was counting down the hours? Though it was weird to wake up and say, “I see him today!! ….But in 16 hours….”

(Side note: Those of you who know my story will appreciate this gift: He brought home gun magazines for me, which I intend to thoroughly memorize in case any spy agency ever attempts to recruit me. Then I can pass their tests more easily. Yes please, Jesus, amen.)

(No seriously, I pray about this all the time. Except usually I just pray that I can play a spy-actress in a movie. I think in reality I’d enjoy that more than being a real spy.)

Anyway. Let me get to the point.

Birthday Reflections

This morning I was thinking about how excited I was to see my boyfriend, and the thought crossed my mind — what if I was that excited about spending time with God — counting down the hours until I could next be alone with Him? What would my life look like then?

And then I was thinking — putting God first in this relationship isn’t about caring for the other person less, it’s about loving God more. Exponentially more! As I start into this 28th year, I want to carry that with me in every season and circumstance:

Not to care less for the things God has put in my life, but to love God exponentially more than anything else.

And let me tell you, that’s a whole lot of loving! My friends enjoy teasing me that I think everything is amazing. One friend says, “Tiff, not everything can be amazing! That’s like saying an orchestra and pizza are on the same level!” Hey. Welcome to my life. It’s all a matter of perspective.

My pedicure from Traci :):)<3

My pedicure from Traci :):)<3

So yeah it’s been an AMAZING birthday so far! 

  • Pre-birthday: Beautifying my feet with bestie Traci (aka Track) (aka bday pedicures:))
  • Bday Part 1: Picking this guy up at the airport at 12:15am.
  • Part 2: Lunch and flowers with him. Just now.
  • Part 3: Dinner with our families tonight. Which I expect will be highly amusing.
  • I think it’s already a good 28th year.

So as I close out this year’s nostalgic reflection, first…let me take a [birthday] selfie!

For past birthday posts, click here:

  • 27th birthday (always something spy related, sensing a theme here?)
  • Apparently I just thought I wrote one for my 26th birthday, but didn’t actually. SO. This is my post 5 days after my 26th birthday, which gives all the crazy changes of that year. On my birthday itself, I felt like I was being attacked by all these “what if” questions about life — like, “If you decide to do this tour thing, what if you never get married?” And I felt like God showed me that if He didn’t ask me the question, I didn’t have to answer it. Powerful lesson that’s carried me through the past two years!
  • 25th birthday (it is bizarre how much life has changed since then!)

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