Why Me?

Sometimes I get so focused on the things I don’t have, that I forget how many things I do have.

The other night my best friend and I stopped to pick up a Starbucks latte before hopping into my chic car and driving to pick up groceries for a dinner party. As we stepped back into my car, the thought hit me:

Out of the billions of people around the world, how am I in the small percentage of those who will EVER have this experience?

This experience of driving to a grocery store with a Starbucks latte in a cute car to buy enough food for a dinner party with her extended family? Not only that, but going with a best friend and without fear of our safety? Why me?

Sometimes I pass people walking along the street and do a double take, wondering, why do they not have a home but I do? Or why have they experienced so much sickness but I have so much health? Or why have they lost their family and job and all they know, but I have more than enough?

And yet in the same breath I can wonder why I don’t have more clothes. Or cuter shoes. Or a certain kind of relationship. Or a home somewhere south where it never snows (please God!). When really the question should be:

Why me?

Why have You given me so much?

What do You want me to do with these many blessings You’ve entrusted to me?


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