Wardrobe Makeover: Part 1

Last week I realized: I have nothing to wear!!!

I know, I know, first world probs. But you know that feeling? as you stare at a closet FULL of clothes, none of which appeal to you in the least because they’re all wrong? the wrong color…or fit…or style? My best friend Traci is in the same place. So we chose a summer project: Wardrobe Makeover!

Step #1: Pinterest.

I remember being 15 and promising I would never grow out of touch with fashion…but it happened, people, it happened. So I had to get back in touch, with the help of Pinterest and my 16-year-old sister. (Check out my fashion makeover board here! Leave me some ideas too!)

Step #2: Find “my colors.”

Last weekend I was stuck wearing this pale gold sweater that totally washed me out, but I had no other sweater to pair with the outfit! (75% of my current wardrobe is hand-me-down, so a lot of the clothes are cute, but totally the wrong color.) Then I noticed: when I wear my few royal blue pieces, I feel like I’m glowing — even with hardly any makeup! (Which is great, because makeup and I don’t get along on a daily basis.) So I found this quiz online that told me I should wear jewel colors like royal blue. True. (That being said, I tried a few different answer combinations and it always told me to wear jewel tones, so I don’t think the quiz worked.)

Step #3: Clean house.

And by house, I mean wardrobe. This was a bit painful, pulling item after item off hangars, holding them up for my little sister to say (70% of the time), “NO WAY.” Throwing them in an ever-growing pile, which will be donated to my church’s garage sale fundraiser. Hopefully someone wants something in that pile!

Step #4: Shop!!!!

Also known as: the BEST step. (Within a set budget, of course. My parents always say, “If you don’t have it [the money], then don’t spend it!”)

Traci and I spent Memorial Day at two local consignment shops: Plato’s Closet and Clothes Mentor. I must have tried on close to 100 items!! But here’s the thing…any item I bought had to meet all three of these criteria:

1) Does it fit like it was made for me?

2) Is it “my color”?

3) Does Traci also approve? (And she’s HONEST.)

(And Honorary Question #4: Is it under $10?)

It’s HARD to find clothes that match all of those criteria, but I didn’t want to re-stock my wardrobe with half-hearted finds. So we spent hours just in those two stores, and I came home with THESE BEAUTIES!!


Guess what the best part is…all the shirts were $6 and under!!!!!! OH YES. Wardrobe makeover without breaking the bank! I also found those pink AE shorts for $10 and a royal blue (of course) tank for $4. (The necklace was a $3 stone found street-side in NYC, on a chain from Michael’s.)


I fell in love.

So, I’ll keep you posted this summer as Traci and I continue our wardrobe project! The best part is that I can be confident wearing the wrong color and out-of-style clothing, because I know Whose I am. But it’s kind of — okay, no, REALLYfun to go shopping and enjoy expressing ourselves with beautiful clothes!


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