The Garden Room

May 1st, how glad I am to see you! Particularly the sunshine you’ve brought to Albany.

Yes, friends, I am back in Albany now! And it’s been a whirlwind already.

Our Garden Room

Monday afternoon Jen and I traipsed through Canada (trying out “New York Fries,” which was strange since I didn’t know we had any famous fries, and — to be honest — they weren’t all that good), then crossing into Buffalo, where we parted ways…

When I got to my parents house in Albany, I walked upstairs to set my bags in my old bedroom…only to see THIS:


Apparently three months is too long…I’ve been replaced by a greenhouse! My family has even dubbed this room “The Garden Room.” Sounds so much fancier than it is.

Am I staying in this room? Um, NO. I have far too many belongings. I picked my bags back up and stole a different bedroom.

Hospital Times

Tuesday morning I was woken by my dad letting me know that Grandma had to have emergency surgery. Thank God I was home for that! I spent the day with her, which was actually a ton of fun. When we prayed before surgery, I was like, “Thank you God for this fun day with Grandma.” Dad started cracking up and pointed accusingly at Gram, “She’s YOUR granddaughter, you know!” which had Grandma in “stitches” as she would say.

Surgery went well, but Gram can’t see well for a few weeks. So the day after I moved into my parents’ house for the summer, Grandma moved in…

…to our beautiful, new-fangled luxury suite: “The Garden Room.”

Plans for Summer

I’ve pretty much finished unpacking now and started substitute teaching again, bringing in some extra income, always working to pay off these seemingly endless college loans (ugh) and for some much-needed redesign work my friend is doing this summer.

So the plans for now? I’ll be based in Albany until the beginning of September, working as much as possible, speaking as little as possible (break times are needed so I never stop loving speaking), revising my old book, writing my new book, getting new merch ready, and working with my fabulous Booking Coordinator Joanna to get the fall and spring tours ready.

Welcome home, and welcome Spring! We even have a Garden Room in which to enjoy your short-lived company.


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