Top Ten Funniest Moments of Tour

We have laughed so much on tour, I’m pretty sure we’ve added at least ten years to our lives.

These are some of our funniest, fondest moments — our top ten, but in no particular order. The moments that make us want to cry because it’s coming to a close in just three days…

[Commence the waterworks.]

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 4.10.39 PM

The city where Jen busted out “Let It Go” at the top of her lungs, every time we walked into a crowded area or a bus full of people. Before she’d even seen the movie.

The street in Minneapolis where we were running from a strange man, who was asking where “you RBGs came from,” then clarifying he meant “Ravishingly Beautiful Girls.”

The guest house with the door that wouldn’t lock, where at midnight I propped a chair under the handle to barricade the door, so if anyone broke in I would hear and know. The morning after when Jen found that chair and almost died laughing at my paranoia.

The hike on which I randomly decided I didn’t feel like carrying my trusty pink water bottle anymore, and promptly chucked it in the garbage can. WHY would I do that?!

The new friend who was cooking a placenta on her kitchen stove. Enough said.

The field where we slammed on our brakes to stop and see all the elk…and then accidentally stepped in all their poop.

The hotel where Jen bolted straight up in bed, screaming, “President Martin just Facebook messaged me!! This is the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!”

That time we realized we were true nature snobs. Driving into Yosemite, we looked down our noses, saying city girl things like, “Oh look, some big logs, that’s cool.” “Oh look, mountains. That’s cool.” Then I comforted Jen, saying, “Don’t worry, we’ll see some malls too,” as we turned back to drinking our Starbucks and complaining that we were losing cell service.

The day walking through Denver’s downtown, outdoor mall, when a guy walked up to shake our hands, saying: “Do you know what this spot is?” Looking at the ground in awe, we couldn’t believe we were standing on a famous spot! He continued, “It’s the spot where we first met. What are your names?” Now THAT deserves a girl’s attention.

The night in Texas where a Christian school so kindly set us up with a hotel…not realizing it had been renovated into a night club.

Oh yeah, and I can’t forget…

The time I thought I could dance.



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