Chomping at the Bit

It makes no sense, but horses are one of the only animals that don’t scare me to death.

I know, I know… horses are huge and can trample you, but for some reason I trust them more than any other animal.

Yesterday afternoon we took an hour venture to ride my friend’s horses. He’s a real life cowboy here in Rifle, Colorado, though his official title is game warden. (He’s married to one of my best friends from college.)


His horses aren’t your typical camp horses; they’re horses you should be a little scared of.

They’re true Rocky Mountain horses, bred and trained to ride hard and take people through steep, narrow, mountain passes. And let me tell you, the horse we rode (Tessa) was quite literally chomping at the bit! It did NOT like being paraded around like a pony ride when it was used to running wild through passes.

Ridin' Tessa...venturing OUTSIDE THE FENCE!!! (I may have been just slightly nervous...)

Ridin’ Tessa…venturing OUTSIDE THE FENCE!!! (I may have been just slightly nervous…)

I gave it a chance to trot while I was on it (felt like my tailbone was about to crack cause I don’t really know how to ride a horse, but would kind of like to learn), but all it wanted was a good long, hard run.


Sometimes I feel like Tessa The Horse.

I don’t want to waste my time on the little things; I’d rather get right to the race, to the wind in my hair and the amazing things I want to accomplish. I don’t want to walk.

But I love that God doesn’t work that way. He’s so much higher than us. In fact, He says that those who WAIT on the Lord renew their strength. THEN, and perhaps only then, can we mount up on wings like eagles, walk and not grow weary, run and not faint.

First we have to wait.

Next time I’m chomping at the bit, I have to remember to wait on the Lord, trusting that soon enough, in His time, He’ll say “Go.”

And then we can run.


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