Beggars, Orphans, or Daughters

I’m not a beggar or an orphan; I am a daughter. I have a Father. 

I woke up this morning: headache, restless, worried. Asking God to take care of me. Then I turned to Matthew 6 to remind myself not to worry. I love vs. 32:

“Only people who don’t know God are always worrying about such things (i.e. food, clothes, etc.). Your Father in heaven knows that you need all of these.”

I’ve always thought this verse meant, “People who never met Jesus worry about these things.” But really, I think it means:

Only people who don’t really know who God is, His character, who don’t know that He’s their Father, worry about these things. People like me. People who forget they’re not orphans who have to beg for a scrap, but they’re daughters of an EXTRAVAGANT Father and King who wants to give them far more than enough — so much that there are baskets and baskets leftover!!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I live from an orphan or beggar mentality, feeling like I have to coerce God into wanting to provide for me, thinking I’ll be cast out of the family if I don’t measure up, cause I don’t really belong there anyway. But the truth is, we are sons and daughters of the King of Kings, and He loves us. He is not just a good Father, but an extravagant Father. My friend Marcy tells it this way: sometimes we just go for the crumbs in our faith, but He has a huge feast for us! (For more on becoming a child of God, click here.)

I feel so much more at rest now, because I remember that He loves me. He delights in me. Whatever our situation in life, we are not beggars who have to spend thousands of words begging a far-off God to provide for us. He already knows our needs, and He knows that life is more than just food, clothes, and bills.

He already knows what we need, and He’s already going to take care of us, simply because He’s our Father. 



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