I Think I Just Became a Divergent Fan

I Think I Just Became a Divergent Fan

Okay, so I went to see Divergent last night… Jen had been reading the books and really wanted to go, but I was like, “Seriously, I don’t want to spend money on a movie ticket.” Well apparently cheap tickets are what Portland does best! So we went.

SO. GOOD. Oh my gosh! SO. GOOD. (Did I say that already?) And can I just be a giggly girl for a second here and say that if I had a celeb crush, it would now be Theo James? (So long, Zachary Levi! …Actually, I’ll probably be back to you by next week.) I was totally just watching his interview on Good Morning America and then promptly logged onto google to stalk him… Degree in Philosophy, youngest of five siblings, former band member, and world traveler?? Now that sounds promising!

I’ll be honest though. For a hot minute I was reminiscing on the days when girlie 13 Going on 30 was the new movie, back before serious teen action flicks like Hunger Games and Divergent were super in…but then I thought, you know, I do kind of love this new trend in movies because 1) I am a huge fan of action movies, and 2) both these new series show guys and girls respecting/protecting each other by not rushing to get physical, which I just love!


I loved it: the action, the romance, the feel-like-you-can-conquer-the-world ending…and, of course, the lead guy…

Okay I’m hooked. How long til I can watch the next one????


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