God’s Surprise: The Grand Canyon

God's Surprise: The Grand Canyon

Rain clouds and thick fog hovered over the mountains when I woke up on Friday. Jen and I were planning to see the Grand Canyon that morning, and — let’s be honest — I’d been praying for about 56 weeks that the weather would be clear and perfect that specific day.

You see, last year when I went to the canyon, you literally couldn’t see ANYTHING past the guard rail — just fog. So all year long I’d been praying for a day when I could actually see the canyon on this trip. Needless to say, when I looked out the window, I was so disappointed!

Since it was an hour out of our way, I called the Grand Canyon to see how the weather was. (Didn’t want to waste a couple hours of gas mileage round trip.) The park ranger said there was almost no visibility, so we checked out the webcam for ourselves:

Nothing but gray fog. Again.

We almost didn’t go. In fact, we drove past the exit, only to say, “You know, what’s another two hours out of our day. What if it ends up being nice and we missed it? We’d be so disappointed!” So we did a U-turn and headed to the canyon.

We got to the canyon as an older couple was leaving, saying there was no visibility. Disappointed, we grabbed some coffee and then walked to the edge anyway…just in case…

and suddenly…the fog cleared. WE SAW IT!!!

How many times do I not do something because I hear a bad report, or think it’s impossible.

But maybe if we go for it anyway, sometimes God has a huge surprise for us at the end…

And I don’t want to miss that!


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