Thank you, Today Show!

Not gonna lie, I was skeptical. When the Today Show said the hosts would be taking off ALL their makeup and going live on TV, I thought, “Yeah right. They’ll leave eye makeup on or lipstick or something…”


First they shared honestly about their own struggles with body image. My favorite quotes were when Natalie said something to the extent of,

“My stomach doesn’t look like it used to, but I birthed two healthy children. That’s what my body gave me! I am so thankful.”

Then Carson said, “I try not to focus on myself, but to look for the beauty in other people instead.”

And then…


They really took it off!!!!

I couldn’t believe it. They were so open, sharing how it makes them uncomfortable being on national TV without makeup, but they did it anyway. I wish I could give them a standing ovation!!

WOW. If we could just look at our bodies in these ways, what a difference it would make in our self image:

1) What our bodies can do for us, the strength and energy and adventures they give. We can be thankful that they allow us to explore this wildly wonderful world!

2) Focusing less on what we dislike about ourselves, and more on looking for the beauty in others. This is similar to something my pastor’s wife told me years ago: Don’t focus on how insecure you feel; focus on making other people feel comfortable. As you do so, you’ll become more comfortable with yourself as well.

If you didn’t see the Today Show this morning, you HAVE to watch this clip. You can check it out here. Thank you, Today Show, for #loveyourselfie No Makeup Monday!!

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 9.44.04 AM

[Looking for more resources on overcoming struggles with body image and eating disorders? Check out my site and The Insatiable Quest for Beauty book here!]

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