Things for single girls to do on Valentine’s Day

Are you single this Valentine’s Day? Welcome to the club! 🙂 

But being single doesn’t mean we can’t have fun on Single’s Awareness Day!

Today Jen and I are in Knoxville for some speaking engagements (several of which have been cancelled due to weather…) and we’ve got ideas of things to do today…as single King’s daughters!

1. Spend some Father-daughter time. 

There is no better way to start my day than with my heavenly Father, remembering who He is and His heart toward me. The more I remember all He is, the more I trust Him. And trust — not relationships, not valentines, not perfect circumstances — TRUST leads to JOY.

2. Get the endorphins flowing.

Jen and I just went for a run. My lungs were burning and legs searing…but we did it! (We’re trying to train for a 15k…but we only ran about a mile today hahaha.) Nevertheless, now I feel accomplished and full of good endorphins!

3. Pamper yourself.

Today is the day for mani-pedis, massages, concerts, sushi, flowers — whatever it is that you just love. Choose something you love to do…and do it!!

4. Get some friends together.

And who says they have to be just girls?? I love what my friend Moriah is doing — she’s organized a Valentine’s party with a Photo Booth and candies for tons of friends, guys and girls alike. They’re all getting dolled up to celebrate. Some are couples, some are singles. What a great idea!

5. Do something you’ve never done before!

Today Jen and I are exploring Knoxville. I’ve never been here, so we’re finding some touristy attractions and checking them out. If I was back in my hometown, I could find an area of town or a restaurant I’d never experienced before…or try a new activity like mountain biking, hiking a new trail, or a cooking class. (Oh wait, you’re probably stuck in the snow…maybe you should try skiing.)

6. Write a letter.

One of the best ways to help take our eyes off ourselves is to serve someone else. Write a letter to someone you care about — maybe a single girlfriend, little sister, parent, or someone else. What about someone in a retired living home? Or a patient in a hospital? Or a newly widowed person? Let them know how much you appreciate them. Send someone flowers — Jen is sending some to her mom — or visit them; lift their spirits.

7. Enjoy a movie night.

Find your favorite movie and pop yourself some popcorn. Or, better yet, pair it with chocolate and caramels! And if you’re anything like me, maybe choose a comedy or action movie. Chick flicks leave a weird aftertaste of cynicism in my heart. Not just cause they make you more aware of being alone, but because Hollywood paints a very strange image of relationships…don’t even get me started

8. Eat some really good food.

Why not spend the day baking and then enjoy delicious desserts with friends or family? Or bring those baked goods to someone who is sick and can’t leave their house.

9. Meet new people!

Wherever you go today, say hi to new people! (And not JUST guys…c’mon now!) Jen and I met this elderly gentleman in a coffee shop this morning, who lived in upstate NY for a little while. It was such a fun little conversation! Take the time to chat with people of all ages and backgrounds. See what you learn!

Have some more ideas of things to do on Valentine’s Day? Leave a comment! I’d love to hear what you do or have done in the past! 🙂

And enjoy your day as a single and BELOVED King’s daughter!!



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