As prepared as Atlanta

[This is the first of many blogs to come from my intern/worship leader/friend Jen Moffit!! This first thought comes all the way from Atlanta, GA in the middle of a winter weather storm…]

All you New Yorkers know that big, fluffy, beautiful snowflakes are just another winter day.

In Atlanta, this foreign substance falling from the sky forces everyone to go into hiding. (Even the water jugs on the Wal-Mart shelves are sold out! It’s like Y2K all over again!) People are not leaving their houses for fear of what could happen out there.

Okay, here’s the thing: The snow isn’t even sticking to the road!

CAM01031I’m sitting here in the Student Center of a college, catching up on emails and waiting for the Olympics to come on (!), because the college was closed and today’s events have been cancelled. At first I was shocked that snow (which isn’t even sticking) could close down an entire metropolitan area…but now I’m pondering how I need to be more like Atlanta.

When things happen that are out of our control, we can be prepared. (And sometimes, at least for me, being prepared feels like overcompensating in some ways!)

Something God has been teaching me lately is about the armor of God; the protection of His Word (Eph. 6).

When unexpected events come about in our lives, threatening to shake our faith – when thoughts creep in that are contradictory to the way our Father God thinks of us – we need to be ready to speak words of truth and life.

When I’m feeling self-conscious about my thick thighs, I need to remember that God has fearfully and wonderfully made me (Psalm 139:14).

When I’m worried about how long He’s going to keep me single, I need to remember that God feeds the birds of the sky, and He cares about me much more than those birds (Matthew 6:26).

He knows best for me. He knows every detail.

My challenge for you in the coming days is to start memorizing scripture.

Look up a plan on YouVersion, or hop over to a bookstore to grab a book that will help. When we have these written words of God running through our head, we can be prepared for anything the day might throw at us! (Even an Atlanta snowstorm.)

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