The Perfect Book for Valentine’s Day

Girls. Valentine’s Day is coming up, and if you’re in your teens or twenties, you’ve got to check out this book!

My friend Dechari from Girls Living 4 God (GL4G) recently released her book Finding Your Fairytale Ending.

I have to say, it’s one of those books you don’t want to put down! She shares her story so beautifully and honestly; I remember feeling like I knew her so much better by the end of it!

Thinking back on high school and college, Dechari shares her journey through the confusing world of dating and friendships, along with practical advice and things she learned from each part of her adventure.

I love this book because it’s down-to-earth and actually means something in my life!

Sometimes I feel like I don’t really connect with books, or feel like it doesn’t apply to my life, but Finding Your Fairytale Ending felt like I was talking with a friend who got me. I loved it!

So. If you’re looking for a good read for yourself, or if you’re searching for a Valentine’s Gift for your girlfriend or daughter, totally check this book out!! 🙂



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