To be with Him

Nostalgia led me to last New Year’s Eve’s journal entry.

I was surprised at its brevity, but the words stopped me in my tracks. How had I already forgotten this beautiful lesson?

December 31, 2012:

I was reading in Mark 3:14, where it talks about Jesus choosing the disciples. And it says He chose them for a few reasons – including to be sent out to preach and have power to heal the sick and cast out demons…but the first reason in the list was “that they might be with Him.” How many times do I put that last and the others first in my mind? Father, rearrange my priorities! Rearrange my heart so you’re at the center.

Even though I’d completely forgotten that entry, all year He’s been teaching me that very thing:

To rest and be with Him.

To trust Him with everything.

To know His closeness in my loneliness.

To come away on adventures with Him.

In this new year, I want being with Him to truly become my first priority.



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