Announcing: My First Intern!

I am SO EXCITED to announce Quest for Beauty’s FIRST INTERN!!!

Last year, one of my friends asked if I had considered taking anyone with me on tour. She said she would love to come as a fly on the wall to see what life is like, in this kind of ministry. As we talked, the idea of an internship started forming in my head…

All year I’ve been praying about this, and feeling God put it more and more on my heart: To take at least one young woman with me on future tours, and help mentor her while providing opportunities for her to minister across the country. I wanted to take a worship leader, so she could lead worship before I spoke at events, and I wanted to set up meetings for her to get advice and be prayed over by other worship leaders around the country.

As God kept putting this ever more strongly on my heart, I started praying about who to ask to be my first intern

Several people had expressed interest, but the person He kept putting on my heart was someone who actually hadn’t asked me about this. Because I kept feeling like it was a divine appointment, I started mentioning it to her a few months ago, and she slowly began considering it.

Yesterday, I got the official “yes!” (To be honest, I think I’m more excited to see what God will do in and through her life than I am about the rest of the tour combined!)

So, drum roll please! ……..

May I introduce…

My friend Jennifer Moffit will be coming on tour with me this spring!

Jen Moffit!

Jen Moffit!

For three months we’ll be traveling cross-country; she’ll be leading worship at events, and helping me manage my merchandise after events.

(Of course we’ll also sight see at Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, and in more than 25 states over these three months.)


Here’s Jen’s official bio that is now live on my website:

After spending a college semester in Uganda, two years working for Americorps, and even running a marathon, Jennifer Moffit is embarking on a new adventure. A 2011 graduate of Roberts Wesleyan College, and worship leader at The Father’s House, she will be spending this spring in full-time ministry as The Insatiable Quest for Beauty’s Spring Tour Worship Leader. Jen will be bringing her Starbucks, trusted guitar, and ready laugh on the three-month road trip.

I am so excited for this!!

I also am praying about what this internship will look like in the future.

Jen is a friend, but I’m looking to make this even more of a true internship in the future. What will that look like? I don’t know yet…but I know I’m excited, and I can’t wait to see what God does in both of our lives!


We would love your prayers as we get ready to embark in just 7 weeks!


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