Bad Haircut Reflections

So I got THE WORST bang trim ever this week.

Like…THE WORST. (And I LOVE my bangs!) Now I can’t even wear them down, that’s how bad they are!!


But you know, it was so funny to me because that night I was going to meet some new people, and in the past my honest-to-goodness reaction would have been, “Oh my gosh I can’t go meet people like this! What if my future husband is there?? It’ll never work out now!”

And it was so cool to see the work God’s done in my life by my changed reaction. I was annoyed, yes, but there were NO tears. In fact, I was LAUGHING about it!

I’ve learned that:

1) God’s not limited by my hair (what a relief!), and

2) This world isn’t my home. I’m not made for here. This is not my final destination.

And on this beautiful, broken pilgrimage, His love and acceptance are what matter more than anything.

It’s amazing how that perspective changes everything.

Soooo yeah I’m wearing my bangs up for the next month, but in the meantime, I’m not really bothered by it. And I’m amazed by that!


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