Bursting with Excitement for Tour #2!!!

I can scarcely contain myself sometimes…


This is how I feel today.

I could jump and laugh and holler! (I know, who says holler anymore? I do!)

How can I begin to express my excitement for Tour #2, The Insatiable Quest for Beauty’s Spring 2014 cross-country tour??? I feel about to burst with anticipation, and it’s still four months away!!

I’ve got my intern worship leader picked out and she’s 95% positive she’s going with me (watch for that news to be released soon). She’s SUPER awesome; I’m SO excited to travel with her. Not only will we have a ton of fun, but I wholly believe this is a divine appointment for her, and that God has some crazy stuff planned. I’m pretty much as (or more) excited about what He’s going to do in her life as I am about the rest of the tour combined!!

And then my new Booking and Communications Coordinator Joanna is doing SUCH an amazing job, it’s blowing my mind! God’s favor is so over this. We’re just about done booking five of the cities, and so far it’s looking like we’ll have 2-3 events per day in each city. I’ve set aside some days for rest and travel, but for the most part…it’s going to be a much fuller tour than last time. And I will have nothing I’m working on besides speaking and ministering, because Joanna can be back home booking the summer’s events while I’m on the road. YES!!!

Every time an email comes in with a “yes we want you to speak here,” I get so excited!! It’s moments like this when I’m like, “Ah, God, you’re all over this aren’t you??” I remember yet again that He’s known about this since forever, that He’s been setting this up since before I had a clue. I’m so eternally thankful, and so crazy excited to go on this adventure with Him!

2 thoughts on “Bursting with Excitement for Tour #2!!!

  1. Jenna says:

    I heard you at a homeschool convention two years ago in NY. And, yesterday you spoke at my brother’s school, “Charles Finney Highschool.” Great messages! 🙂


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