Remnants of Summer

Rochester has been smelling and tasting like fall. Those autumn sunsets with brisk air and the smell of fireplaces back in motion…

And then these two gloriously brilliant days surfaced: The remnants of summer. Days of leftover warmth that summer just had to squeeze out like the final ounce of a toothpaste tube that you can’t help but force out.

So here I am in upstate New York: savoring these final days of sunshine and warmth, even as I await autumn’s impending arrival.


This little guy flew right into my car with me yesterday, serving as my copilot in the windshield.


Yesterday’s exploration of Highland Park Reservoire with my friend Shannon. (After the podiatrist appointment when my doctor said I needed to start walking more! YES!! Praise Jesus!)


Rays of sunshine turned into a myriad of rainbow colors as they fell through my sunroof.

So gloriously thankful for leftover remnants of summer!


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