What’s it like being a beauty queen?

I was curious.

Image from Naples News

Image from Naples News

When I met Sierra (Miss Florida 2008) a few years ago, I quietly wondered…

What was it like for her to win a pageant?

Did it impact her self-image, and if so, how?

What did she learn from the experience?

I have to admit, I didn’t see the Miss America pageant last night, but it popped up all over Facebook and my CNN phone app. (Go New York!) As I scrolled through Facebook’s newsfeed last night, I was reminded of Sierra.

Last year she so kindly recorded a video for The Insatiable Quest for Beauty, sharing her memories as Miss Florida and thoughts on media awareness — answering the questions I’ve been curious about.

In honor of the Miss America pageant, I want to share her thoughts with you today.

(To see more of the super cool stuff she’s been up to, check out Divine Debutantes.)


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