Modern Day Chivalry

On Sunday my friend beat me to opening the door of his car, holding it wide as I stepped out into the beachy air. There’s something about a guy opening the car door that sweeps my heart off its feet.

I’ve often wondered where chivalry has gone. I think that’s partly because our culture tells guys that door-holding gestures are no longer wanted.

Maybe it’s simply that many have never seen chivalry in action.

Maybe it’s because girls like me have told guys, “I can open the door myself, thank you very much.” (Now I gush over the gentleman who opens the door, hoping he’ll keep chivalry alive.)

Yesterday I hung out with a guy friend who enjoys creating his own set of chivalry codes. He calls them:

Modern Day Chivalry

Each time he comes up with another idea, I just about die laughing. This “honor code” includes:

  • Swinging a door open so wide it stays open for the girl, without the guy having to hold it open.
  • Pulling up next to a girl’s car and poking your windshield wiper through the window to scrape off the snow without having to brave the cold.
  • And (gross-est of all) The Mama Bird: Chewing food so the girl doesn’t have to, then dumping it on her plate in bite-size pieces. (So gross. Makes me cringe just thinking about it.) (He tried it on his girlfriend once. They’re no longer together.)

He is forever trying to come up with new, disturbing ideas of what modern-day chivalry could look like. (And I love hearing his new ideas, they definitely crack me up. Who thinks of these things??)

But when it comes down to it, there’s something about the old-fashioned gentleman that gets my heart every time. 

What are your thoughts on modern-day chivalry? 


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