Birthday Reflections

Another year has disappeared. A year that feels like a decade and a week all at once. A year of drastic changes, steps of faith, and great unknowns. A year of incredible adventures, awe-inspiring guidance, and lessons of rest.

Me wearing the gas mask...a friend pretending to be terrified...

Me wearing the gas mask…a friend pretending to be terrified…

Yesterday I celebrated my 27th birthday. Best part of the evening was wearing a legit, original Israeli Mussad gas mask! I seriously felt like a spy, or like I was living in one of Bodie Thoene‘s novels. So awesome.

This weekend I laid out on the deck of my new temporary home in Rochester and basked in the sunlight and delight of my heavenly Father. All week the realization that He is the God who sees has brought awe to my heart. The God of the universe sees me, knows me, loves me. Delights in me.

As I pause this morning and reflect on the past year, I see two lessons woven intricately into the past 365 days, so intricately they almost seem to be one lesson.

Lesson One: He is the God who provides.

I am in awe of His provision, His goodness, His faithfulness. When I step out in faith, knowing He’s called me, He comes through. And each time He provides, my life feels like a Verizon commercial: Do you trust Me now? How about now? 

This year has been overflowing with His abundant divine intervention, the knowledge that He sees and cares for the little details of my life. I stand in awe. When we leap by faith into the unknown, we are not alone. He is with us, so we need never fear.

Lesson Two: I can rest in Him.

Even in the midst of busy-ness, in the midst of the unknown, in the midst of uncertainty, I can rest. It’s then that I learn to trust Him. At least for me, the ability to rest is a sign of trust. Repeatedly throughout this year, God challenged me to take a day off, to rest. To live in the rest He’s given, to abide fully secure in His strength. Nothing I do can be done on my own. It’s all in Him and for Him and through Him anyway.

So these are my rambling reflections from my 27th year. 

Of my many prayers and goals for this next year, and particularly over these next two months in Rochester, the greatest is this: Father, may I grow to know You more every day of my life. May I grow closer to You each day that I live. May You always be first in my heart.


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